Ukraine to Use US Arms to Destroy Putin’s Landmark Russia-Crimea Bridge

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American weapons supplied to plucky little Ukraine have been getting put to good use. Now, a Ukrainian commander has revealed they may also be used to destroy a massively symbolic bridge called “the umbilical cord” of the Putin war.

Putin’s Landmark Pride Project of Aggression

In 2018, after investing a whopping $3.3 billion, a huge chunk that ended up in the secret cash stashes of Putin and his cronies, the Russian government completed the so-called Crimean Bridge or Kerch Bridge.

This links the Russian mainland with the Crimean Peninsula over the Kerch Strait, the tiny strait that links the Black Sea and the smaller Sea of Azov. The 12-mile-long bridge has been the pride of the Putin regime.

It has also been used, not only to reinforce the Russian military troops stationed in Crimea, but also as a gigantic propaganda asset about the might of Russia, mostly among its own heavily brainwashed population.

Russians have suffered unbelievable losses since attacking Ukraine. The latest update of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense puts them at 33,350 Russian troops killed in combat.

This comes on top of at least 20,000 Russian separatist conscripts from the occupied parts of the Donbass region, while the destroyed Russian military equipment pieces are almost at 10,000.


(Map by The Daily Mail)

Cutting the Umbilical Cord of Putin’s War

Presently, the Russian military controls only the outermost Ukrainian territories in the south and southeast; it has practically established Putin’s “land bridge” linking the Crimean Peninsula with the Donbass region.

Speaking in a rare interview earlier this week, one of the main Ukrainian commanders, Maj. Gen. Dmytro Marchenko, declared the Ukrainian military is going to use the western and US longer-range weapons to blow Putin’s landmark Russia-Crimea bridge to pieces.

Marchenko’s remarks are particularly notable since President Joe Biden, earlier this month, refused to supply Ukraine with longer-range missile systems of the MLRS and HIMARS types.

Biden refused out of fear the Ukrainian defenders may use them to strike targets inside Russia, which could provoke Putin to escalate the war.

Instead, Biden decided to send to Ukraine only MLRS and HIMARS systems with a maximum range of 40-45 miles.

At the same time, the next American military aid package includes the Harpoon anti-ship missiles with a maximum range of 170 miles. The Ukrainians just used two Harpoon missiles to blow up a Russian tugboat in the Black Sea.

Gen. Marchenko’s interview indicates they can attempt to use the anti-ship rockets or other types of western-supplied weaponry to attack the Crimean Bridge.

The Ukrainian commander even described the bridge in question as an “umbilical cord” for the Russian war effort and insisted “we have to tear it.”

Marchenko also predicted as soon as the Ukrainians manage to strike the Kerch Strait bridge, “Moscow will panic.”