Ukraine Rejects Russian Demands of Surrender

Russia is desperate for a win in Ukraine, as it demanded the besieged people of Mariupol to surrender if they want a safe exit from the troubled region.

However, Ukraine has denounced the offer, urging its citizenry to fight for their interdependence.

Russia Demanded Surrender; Ukraine Refused

The city of Mariupol is the strategic hub of Ukraine, and Russia knows this well. This is urging Russia to intensify its war in order to capture the city.

However, subsequent events have indicated Russia is using inhumane tactics to get away with any kind of potential defeat. In this regard, the latest wave of Russian aggression grounded an art school that was sheltering more than 400 people.

Russian Col. Gen. Mikhail Mizintsev gave the ultimatum to Ukrainian forces to surrender in the city by 5 a.m. Monday by holding a white flag or facing the music of the Russian aggression.

On the other hand, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk was quick to denounce any demand for surrender. According to her, Ukraine would defend its sovereignty until the Russian withdrawal. 

While Russia did not state what would it mean if the demands are ignored, their state news agency is of the view the people must not side with “bandits.”

All previous attempts to evacuate the troubled city of Mariupol failed by now, as the Russian bombing of the city continues.

Russia intensified its bombings once again so the so-called humanitarian groups can jump in to find a solution to the crisis. Experts have repeatedly claimed Russia’s endgame in Ukraine is ultimate destruction or a win.

This win could only come if Ukrainians denounce their freedom. If they do not do this, the Russians could eventually unleash a wave of horrors on innocent people.

While this horror could come up in any way as per the experts, the crisis is likely to trigger a nuclear response as well by Putin.

Putin Has Gone Bonkers in Killing Civilians

This is the reason Putin ordered an airstrike on a children’s hospital a couple of weeks ago.

He used hypersonic missiles, and now, he is depending on destroying an art school sheltering hundreds of people in a single place.

Speaking about more than 400 Ukrainians who were hit by the Russian airstrike, President Zelenskyy noted they are in the rubble with no hopes of surviving the strike.

Those who have firsthand accounts of surviving Russian attacks are describing unbearable pain.

It is believed if Mariupol is taken by Russia, it would join the Russian forces in southern and eastern Ukraine. Eventually, their accumulative strength would be increased manifold, which they would use in taking decisive action against Ukraine.

As Russian forces are joined, they will be in a better position to share their resources, which are getting depleted as the war continues.

Meanwhile, the capital city of Kyiv is facing a double-edged sword, as it is being threatened by Belarus, the only country helping Russia militarily as of now.