Ukraine Deals Putin Double Blow, Strikes Inside Russia

(Social media footage snapshot shows the exploding Russian oil refinery near Rostov)

Ukraine just dealt two remarkable blows to Putin’s Russia, including a daring drone strike on a major oil refinery inside Russia.

120 Days of Fighting

On February 24, Putin ordered 200,000 heavily armed troops to invade Ukraine. Instead of caving and capitulating, Ukrainians demonstrated wonders of bravery, resisting and beating back the evil imperialist invaders.

Putin’s invasion in the north of Ukraine was completely defeated, while those in the south and east were stopped at an early stage.

Thursday, June 23, marked the 120th day of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine and the entire West. Over 80 days, Russians focused all of their flawed, deficient might on conquering the Donbas region in Southeast Ukraine.

Even though they vastly outgun Ukrainians, Russian hordes have failed to make any kind of a breakthrough while squandering a lot of their forces.

As per the latest report of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, as of Thursday morning, the Russian military lost at least 34,430 troops killed in combat and almost 9,900 units of destroyed military equipment.

The actual manpower losses of the Russians may be twice as large, at some 70,000 killed, according to Telegram channels claiming to have insider information from the Kremlin and the Russian Ministry of Defense.

(Satellite photo by Maxar Technologies shows the new Ukrainian strike on Snake Island)

Oil Refinery and the Russians on Snake Island

Since the second day of Putin’s war of aggression, Ukraine has been hitting back at Moscow’s war machine on Russian territory.

They’re using missiles, helicopters, and a seemingly vast, efficient network of spies and saboteurs. They set on fire about 50 key Russian military institutes and factories.

Defenders of Ukraine performed another highly remarkable strike on Russia on Wednesday, sending a kamikaze drone to blow up and set fire to the oil refinery of the Novoshakhtinsk oil refinery in Rostov.

Videos shared on social media showed a Ukrainian drone crashing right into the oil refinery and causing a huge fireball blast, followed by a large-scale fire. The explosion was filmed by refinery workers.

Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations confirmed the strike on the oil refinery in Rostov, but claimed the blasted area was really tiny. This didn’t exactly correspond with the videos and the report that 12 fire brigade teams were rushed to put it out.

In another far more severe blow to Russia, also on Wednesday, Ukraine managed to carry out a fresh missile strike on Russians occupying the tiny Snake Island in the Black Sea.

This stands 80 miles off the Ukrainian coast and has a territory of 100 acres.

According to Ukraine’s southern command, it used “various forces” to hit the island. It destroyed a Russian anti-aircraft system, several vehicles, and a radar station.

Ukrainians already destroyed three small, but modern Russian naval vessels trying to reach the island over the past several weeks.