UK Parliament Questioning Biden’s Ability To Honor International Commitment

A member of the United Kingdom Parliament is now questioning how Biden will convince the world the United States will honor the commitments it made with international allies. This comes after the botched withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. The Parliament member then added that Biden should be concerned about how U.S. adversaries are looking at America.

What should Biden do to reassure the U.S. will be honoring the international commitments they made?

Tom Tugendhat, a Conservative Party Member of Parliament, stated that the only question they should be asking Biden is what he’s going to do next. Tugendhat added that Biden should be asked what he’s going to do to assure that the alliance is one is based on trust, values, and belief that all are in this together. 

Tugendhat added that there are lots of people all over the world who are looking at the Parliament, the U.K., NATO, and the U.S., wondering what “commitment” meant for them. He particularly noted that the U.S. withdrew from Afghanistan, even after spending $2 trillion and losing thousands of U.S. soldiers. 

Tugendhat is a soldier himself and served for ten years in the British Army. He questioned what legacy the present chaos in Afghanistan leaves for others who have served the military. Last week, Tugendhat went viral after he voiced his frustrations against the Parliament when they likewise decided to withdraw their troops after the U.S.’ withdrawal. 

British MP: The messaging from adversaries is declaring that the U.S. can be beaten

At the time, Tugendhat stated that the withdrawal of U.S. troops does not have to be a defeat. However, at that moment, it was starting to feel like defeat. He added that seeing Biden, the commander in chief of the U.S., question the courage of soldiers whom Tugendhat fought with side by side is shameful. 

It can be noted that since the withdrawal of U.S. troops, Biden persistently blamed the Afghan forces for the immediate sweep of the Taliban in the country. Biden claimed that the Afghan forces gave up and that’s why Afghanistan fell. 

Tugendhat hit back against Biden’s claims, stating that he thinks it is important to recognize that the Afghan forces did fight against the Taliban and they fought very hard. However, they were betrayed by their leadership, and sadly, their allies abandoned them.

Last week, Biden also claimed that he does not see any question about the U.S.’ credibility with its allies all over the world. The statement was made after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan led to a comparison to the catastrophe that unfolded back in 1975 after the United States pulled out of Saigon, Vietnam. 

Tugendhat added that, at present, he is more concerned about how adversaries will try to leverage the chaos that is happening in Afghanistan. He then noted that it does not matter what they think of each other; what matters is what their adversaries see them as. 

Tugendhat continued, saying that, at present, the Chinese government is creating propaganda in Taiwan, declaring the U.S. is no longer their partner. He added that if you also look at the kind of messaging they are witnessing from Al Shabab in Kenya, they are claiming the fall of the Afghans shows the U.S. can be beaten.