U.S. Pledges Aid and Ukraine Claims “Military Breakthrough”

Ukraine said its soldiers advanced in the north, south, and east, reclaiming territory that Russia invaded nearly seven months earlier in the hopes of winning quickly.

Balakliya liberated

According to senior military officer Oleksiy Gromov, fighters in the area of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city, crossed Russian lines 50 kilometers (30 miles) away and “liberated” more than 20 towns and villages.

Blinken surreptitiously traveled to Kyiv for his second visit during the war, traveling through shadowy corridors with sandbags in the walled-off presidential compound to meet President Volodymyr Zelensky in an effort to capitalize on the momentum.

Blinken assured Zelensky, “You have our word and our track record.”

According to Zelensky, American assistance “is a guarantee we can reclaim our areas.”

The most recent package includes $1 billion in longer-term loans and grants for Ukraine to purchase more US equipment, along with $675 million in weaponry, ammunition, and supplies that will be delivered soon.

Blinken brought toys for injured children in hospitals

He entered the room, carrying a basket of stuffed animals, saying, “I brought some friends,” among the toy trucks and alien miniatures.

He said, “Your children’s spirit sends a very strong message to the world.”

President Biden spoke on the phone with allies over Ukraine, while Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin met with his counterparts at the German air base of Ramstein in a show of unity and strength.

“The tangible results of our coordinated efforts are now being seen on the battlefield,” Austin added.

Russia boasted of military victories while Ukraine reported gains, claiming, on Thursday, it targeted five command centers and destroyed 13 drones.

Though as the conflict drags on, both sides are finding it more and harder to get the military supplies they need.

According to US sources, Russia is reportedly purchasing drones from Iran and a sizable quantity of rocket and artillery ammunition from North Korea.

Leading US General Mark Milley stated at Ramstein that allies must deal with Ukraine’s “large consumption of munitions.”

Along with night vision gear and 160 Hellfire missiles from Norway, Germany also contributed winter supplies, and The Netherlands joined Germany with demining training.

Artillery ammo, 105mm howitzers, and precision-led GMLRS rockets are all part of the most recent shipment from the United States, which is Ukraine’s main supplier.

US military assistance to Ukraine now totals $15.2 billion since the invasion.

The HIMAR multiple rocket launch systems, which are coupled with GMLRS rockets that can reach targets up to 80 kilometers (50 miles) distant, are among the most effective weaponry Washington sent.

Kiev is looking for ATACMS, which are 300-kilometer-range, precision-guided tactical missiles. As a result of its concern that the missiles would touch down on Russian soil and ignite a more serious conflict, the United States has so far refused.

According to Milley, the HIMARS’s range is adequate to suit the needs of the Ukrainians in the midst of their current conflict.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.