Tudor Dixon and Gretchen Whitmer Debate About Pandemic Response

Since being placed in the spotlight by Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon during their Tuesday night debate, Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer stated she opposes “needing the COVID vaccine” for schoolchildren.

Parental Decisions

“I want to make this very clear. This is at the discretion of the parent.”

“In a Dixon administration, there would never be a requirement for the COVID-19 vaccine for kids to attend school,” said Dixon, who already made Whitmer’s management during the pandemic a major theme in the campaign.

The matter was raised during the debate following a suggestion by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to add COVID-19 vaccinations to the list of compulsory vaccinations for schoolchildren.

Dixon, who informed voters that Whitmer “would likely push” vaccinations on their kids, said she was “excited to hear what Gretchen Whitmer will have to say as she was pressing people to get the vaccine.”

The Republican candidate informed voters of Whitmer’s “MI Vacc to Normal” program, which she claimed urged Michiganders to vaccinate the individuals they are familiar with to “reclaim your rights and freedoms.”

Whitmer responded, “No, I do not favor mandating the COVID vaccine for youngsters,” before defending her actions in the midst of the pandemic.

During the pandemic, Whitmer enforced contentious and stringent rules on Michiganders, some of which she personally violated.

“We made hasty decisions to save lives, and according to statistics, we saved thousands of people. I am pleased,” she continued.

During the outbreak, the incumbent Democratic governor criticized Dixon of “sowing conspiracy ideas.”

“While I was receiving death threats and protecting lives during the COVID outbreak, my adversary was sowing conspiracies.”

“Tudor Dixon claimed that children could not be affected, that masks were unnecessary, and that vaccines contained the mark of the beast and government transmitters,” Whitmer stated, alluding to the Beast of Revelation, defined in the Bible by the number 666.

“If she had been governor during the COVID outbreak, many more individuals would have perished,” she continued.

Dixon refuted Whitmer’s claim, stating that she would not have been vaccinated “if it were even remotely accurate.”

“Governor is Dishonest”

Dixon commented, “The governor is being disingenuous once again, but that’s what they do when they have no policies to run on, when you’ve killed more seniors than nearly any other state, and when you were instructed to cease the policy, but continued to implement it.”

At the onset of the epidemic, Governor Whitmer issued an emergency executive order isolating sick older persons in a specific wing of long-term care institutions. As the virus progressed, more patients and caregivers perished.

Based on a report by the state’s auditor general, the Whitmer administration underrepresented deaths from COVID-19 in nursing homes by 30 percent.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.