Truth Social is Under Fire From the Google Play Store

Many Americans have come to love Truth Social. This is a social media site started by former President Trump after Big Tech banned him from mainstream social platforms in the wake of the January 6 riots at the Capitol.

To this very day, the former president regularly uses Truth Social to get his messages across, weigh in on issues in the political world, and communicate with his supporters.

Naturally, many Trump supporters are very much eager to see Truth Social expand and do well going forward.

However, this appears to have hit a bump in the road. Right now, the Google Play Store is not giving the all-clear for Truth Social to have an app on its platform, as Newsmax documents.

The Issue With Truth Social on the Google Play Store

According to the Google Play Store, a lack of content moderation is what’s ultimately keeping it from allowing Truth Social to feature as an app on its platform. Google Play Store claims that it vocalized its concerns to the former president’s social media site back on August 19.

The specific issues that Google Play Store has expressed reservations about are violence incitement and physical threats on the platform. However, in a statement, Truth Social claimed that it’s been working with both Apple and Google to ensure the site has a spot.

These are critical platforms that will determine whether or not millions of Americans are able to download the Truth Social app, just as they would with any other social media site.

Truth Social has also been clear that a huge part of what it stands for is freedom of speech and being anti-censorship. Many people have signed up for Truth Social to show support for Trump or after being removed from other more mainstream platforms.

Response From Critics

There are many supporters of Trump who aren’t happy about the latest announcement from the Google Play Store. They’ve warned this is nothing more than more censorship from Big Tech that is designed to ultimately sabotage the reach of Truth Social.

On Twitter, Truth Social fans haven’t hesitated to sound off with their views about why the former president’s site is deserving of a spot on the Google Play Store where users can easily download the app.

Time will ultimately determine whether or not Truth Social and the Google Play Store can reach an agreement that allows the former onto the latter’s platform.

In the meantime, people who wish to access Truth Social can do so via web browser.

What do you think about the newfound issues that Truth Social is having with being approved on the Google Play Store? Share with us in the comments area if you believe this is an issue Truth Social can move beyond.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.