Trump’s Staff Spills All the Beans

Kash Patel, a member of the Trump team, asserted he thinks the Department of Justice singled out the former president’s Florida property because of his conceivable bid for election in 2024.

The Team Speaks Up

The ultimate objective, according to Patel, a former member of Trump’s National Security Council, is for Trump not to declare his candidacy.

Patel made this statement in an appearance with Newsmax on Tuesday.

“If [it’s] through a criminal investigation, an impeachment attempt, or a disinformation effort by the left-wing mafia, ultimately that’s equally fine to them.”

Patel said of the attack that if Trump “wasn’t shut down by Russian collusion, Jan. 6, impeachment, Hunter Biden, the Hillary Clinton email controversy, and Ukraine phone conversations, then this definitely isn’t going to stop him.”

Trump appears to believe new documents made public this week show that high-ranking authorities within the Biden government were aware of the raid in advance.

President Joe Biden was unaware of the FBI investigation at Mar-a-Lago, according to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and other members of the administration, until Trump announced the raid on August 8.

Patel stated, “when I was a Homeland Security attorney working on high-level matters, we always alerted the White House lawyer’s office,” without going into further detail.

Patel told Newsmax the following, citing a recently made public memo about the situation:

“Hey presto, we presently have their own memo with the White House conversing to the Justice Department about this inquiry, about executive privilege, about waiver wire of attorney-client privilege, and Joe Biden weighing in individually.”

Order For Public Disclosure

The former Trump assistant reaffirmed during the conversation that the 45th president had a permanent cleared order and the authority to declassify records whenever he pleased.

Patel, who hosts “Kash’s Corner” on EpochTV, said, “If he says it’s cleared, it’s available to the public.”

He also revealed to the Wall Street Journal over the previous weekend that the FBI most certainly removed boxes of records pertaining to the FBI’s investigation into purported Russian influence in the 2016 election.

Trump mentioned a January 19, 2021 order he signed to declassify specific documents related to the Crossfire Storm probe last week on Truth Social.

Although a released order and property receipt indicate investigators seized allegedly secret papers from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, neither the Justice Department nor the FBI has commented on what documents were taken there.

After the Justice Department submits its suggested omissions to the legal document, the federal judge presiding over the case, Bruce Reinhart, again hinted Monday that he will probably approve the release of the affidavit.

Republicans and Trump both believe the document should be made public because it would reveal the justification the national government used to attempt to secure an FBI search warrant.

This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.