Trump’s First Public Appearance After Testing Positive For COVID-19

"President Trump Boards Marine One" (public domain) by The White House

The President will emerge from his forced isolation in a speech from the White House Balcony. This will give the public its first glimpse after the President recovered from coronavirus. 

At least two thousand guests have been invited to go to the White House Event. and as a precaution, President Trump will not be close to the attendees. In addition to this, attendees were also asked to bring masks and they will be subjected to temperature checks. 

Since returning to the White House last Monday evening, President Trump has not been seen in public. In a series of phone interviews, the President said that he is eager and ready to end his isolation and go back into the campaign trail.

In addition to this Saturday’s speech of the President since he tested positive for coronavirus, he will also now schedule a campaign rally on Monday in Florida. This event was said to take place in an airport hangar in Sanford. 

In an interview with Fox News, President Trump said that he has already been retested for COVID-19. Although he has not found out the numbers yet, he is certain that he feels better and confident that he will either be at the bottom of the scale or free from the virus. The President even added that he is no longer taking any medicines that are intended for the virus. 

To recoup the days that he was out of the political campaign, President Trump has begged aides and his medical team to give him a go signal to return to campaigning. Last Thursday, President Trump said that he was planning to hold rallies as early as Saturday. However, his aides were downplayed as they said that there is currently no travel scheduled for the President for the weekend. 

President Trump Had A Full Week Of Telephone Interviews

“President Donald J. Trump in the Oval Office” (public domain) by The White House

This week, the President was biding his time with a full schedule of telephone interviews. This includes one with conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh that stretched through the midday hours of Friday. This telephone interview with rush Limbaugh was the President’s third phone-in to a friendly outlet since Thursday. He also has scheduled more interviews for the weekend. 

The President has also been conducting most of his business meetings by telephone as most of the officials are being more careful in going in close contact with him. The people who have taken his calls uniformly described the President as “upbeat.” 

The President Is Back Working at the Oval Office

Ever since the President has returned from Walter Reed Hospital on Monday, only very few senior officials have seen the President in person as he was working from the Residence and Oval Office. 

In the Oval Office on Thursday, aides that joined him include chief of staff, Mark Meadows, senior adviser Jared Kushner, and social media adviser Dan Scavino. Steven Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary, also joined in the Oval Office to discuss the stimulus talks that the President is leading on Capitol Hill. 

Aides joining him included chief of staff Mark Meadows, social media adviser Dan Scavino, and senior adviser Jared Kushner, who joined Trump in the Oval Office on Thursday. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has also joined to discuss the stimulus talks he is leading on Capitol Hill.

The President has also been evaluated by members of the medical team and is continuously having Secret Service details. People who are near him all wear yellow gowns, plastic goggles, and N95 masks. 

However, both of the people who have actually seen the President in person since he returned to the White House on Monday are very small. His staffers are kept to a minimum to prevent contagion and because most of his close aides tested positive for the virus. 

In a series of videos that were released by the White House, Trump sounded buoyant and well. He also sounded very optimistic about the coronavirus vaccine that is being developed and aimed to work on it and make it available for free for others who tested positive for the virus.