Trump Voters See Through Plan to Flood US With Third World People

American voters who support President Trump manage to grasp the true nature of the plan of Democrats to flood the United States with third-world people lacking pro-democracy, pro-freedom political culture.

Brandishing ‘Great Replacement Theory’ Scarecrow to Dehumanize Non-Communists

A new poll shows 73% of Trump supporters are aware of the true goal of Democrats to “win” America’s elections “once and for all” and establish a far-left totalitarian dictatorship.

Of course, the entire propaganda machine of the left is desperately seeking to discredit anybody who dares to speak out about their plan by painting it entirely in racial, or, rather, racist terms.

Today’s far-left-dominated Democrats are stealing entire chapters from the anti-Western propaganda playbook of Soviet Communism – as well as German Nazism – as they routinely seek to dehumanize “enemies of the people.”

poll by YouGov, a relatively centrist pollster, asked American voters if they think Democrats are deliberately seeking to “replace” white Americans with “immigrants and people of color” who support the view of the Democrat Party.

Even that question appears to presume all people of color are pro-Democrat and all whites are pro-Republican.

This is very far from reality in either case, but certainly doesn’t mention anywhere the communist propaganda scarecrow dubbed “the Great Replacement Theory.”


33% of Independents, 8% of Biden Votes Realize Evil Plan

In any case, the poll found 73% of Trump voters, 33% of Independents, and even 8% of Biden supporters are aware Democrats are indeed seeking to “win forever” by “packing” the nation with people who are supposed to be Democrat by default.

Of course, the Democrats’ plan is just as pathetic as it is dangerous. A growing number of Hispanic Americans, in particular, are shifting towards conservatism and the Republican Party.

That’s also not to mention incremental numbers of black and Asian Americans who espouse America’s traditional values that have made it the greatest nation in the world.

The results from the new YouGov poll come after Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) introduced into the US House of Representatives a resolution that would officially “condemn” the “Great Replacement Theory.”

Should that be passed, it would empower the radical progressivists who hijacked the Democrat Party to attack anybody they wish by labeling him or her a fan of the “racist” “Great Replacement Theory.”

Just as with other Marxist-Communist tenets, such as wokeness and “critical race theory,” the Great Replacement Theory is now being viciously weaponized by the far left to dehumanize and then destroy people.

This could first happen morally and reputationally, then even physically. It could happen to anybody Democrats declare to be an “enemy of the people,” just like the Nazis, Soviets, and Maoists did it.

That is unless regular freedom-loving Americans manage to stand up to the new communism and defend American liberty and democracy.