Trump to Biden: The U.S. Is Placed in the Most Humiliating Situation

Trump made fiery statements against the Biden administration in relation to the escalating catastrophe in Afghanistan, stating the Afghan actions that Biden made put the U.S. in humiliation.

Trump condemned Biden’s Afghan actions: the situation in Afghanistan made the Saigon evacuation so small

On Tuesday, in an interview with Fox News, Trump condemned Biden’s actions, stating that the United States was never placed in such a humiliating situation until now. He even compared it to the helicopter evacuation in Saigon, Vietnam in 1975, stating that the Afghan catastrophe that Biden created made the Saigon evacuation “so small.”

Trump added that Biden’s botched plan is a military defeat, noting that the situation is a “terrible” event for the United States.ย The former president also explained that he cannot think of any other event in U.S. history where the country was placed in such humiliation as what Biden did.

Trump then noted that the chaos and catastrophe in Afghanistan surpassed the 1979 Hostage Crisis in Iran under Democrat President Jimmy Carter.

Trump also considered whether the Biden administration will cause worse hostage crises than before, now that the Taliban insurgents are surrounding with checkpoints, the Hamid Karzai International Airport.

Trump also mentioned the thousands of thousands of Americans and other U.S. allies who are still stuck in Afghanistan and are exposed to extreme danger. He continued, stating that the current catastrophe is hard to believe.

The former president then mentioned the videos of Afghans desperate to escape the country as they tried to cling to the side of the U.S. cargo plane. He added that this situation that Biden created is the most embarrassing picture that he has ever seen.

Trump: last year, he warned the Taliban that they will be met with strong force by the U.S. if they harm Americans or anyone

Trump also noted that last year, he spoke with Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the supposed Taliban leader, giving a warning that they would be struck with force if they harm Americans or anyone. The former president also mentioned that he also prevented the Taliban from crossing unapproved areas.

Trump noted that he gave the warning upfront to the Taliban leader, that the United States would meet them with a force that no country has ever seen if the Taliban harmed Americans or anybody else…or if they attempted to go near the United States.

However, Trump said that this warning is useless now that the Taliban group was already able to storm Afghanistan and seize the capital within a span of days. On the other hand, Americans and Westerners are still stuck inside the country.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, a report was published noting that the United States still has no plans on how to rescue Americans stuck outside of Kabul.