Trump Teased the Public for a Huge Announcement on November 15

"Donald Trump" by Gage Skidmore

On Monday, former President Trump teased his supporters and the media about his possible 2024 presidential run, stating he will have a big announcement to make on November 15.

Trump: United States will be safe, glorious and successful again

At his political rally on Monday night in Ohio, former President Trump stated he would make an important announcement on November 15. The announcement will be made at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Palm Beach, Florida.

The former president sent the media on a frenzy as rumors were circulating he might be making statements related to his political plans at the rally in Ohio on Monday. This is an announcement that might have disturbed the GOP narrative coming into the midterm elections.

Yet, during the rally, Trump teased the crowd, stating to make the United States safe, glorious, and successful, he will “very probably” do the same again, emphasizing the probability he might make a move to run for office. 

In addition, Trump suggested on November 15, he would establish a 2024 presidential run for the Republican Party, adding the big announcement would be made by then.

When asked to elaborate further on this statement, the former president declined, stating he did not want to disturb the people from the very important election on November 8, calling it “critical.”

Americans will be casting their votes in the midterm elections, which could possibly result in the GOP leading one or both chambers of Congress.

According to the election forecast from a non-partisan, Republicans are more likely to gain 25 seats in the House of Representatives; this will be enough to make them earn a majority.

Analysts also echoed the same, stating the GOP could also earn one seat and be in control of the Senate. 

Trump: the country became a “joke” under the Biden administration

Meanwhile, suggestions made by the former president, stating he might run again for president, came after a speech wherein he went against President Biden, claiming the United States is declining under the Biden administration.

Trump claimed the United States is no longer listened to or respected anywhere in the world. He added during the Biden administration, the United States, in various ways, became a joke. 

Earlier last Monday, President Biden made a warning, claiming if Republicans win the midterm elections, the democratic institutions of the country will be weakened.

This is something many other Democrats have been saying in the hopes of scaring Americans into voting for them.

During his speech at Bowie State University, historically known as a black university, Biden stated the country is facing an inflection point.

The president claimed people are aware “democracy is at risk” and that the midterm elections are the chance for the people to defend their democracy.