Trump Taunts Wisconsin GOP Legislator Opposing Decertify Effort

Former President Donald Trump issued a warning to a prominent lawmaker in Wisconsin.

He is ramping up the intensity of his pressure campaign to convince the state to acknowledge his allegations of a rigged election in the year 2020.

Truth Social, Trump’s fledgling social media program, was highlighted by a note indicating the former president is publicly considering endorsing a challenger to Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.

Vos has thus far rejected Trump’s efforts to overturn President Joe Biden’s victory in Wisconsin.

2020 Election

Trump stated on Sunday that he is seriously considering supporting and promoting his opponent because Robin Vos is detrimental to the Great State of Wisconsin.

Adam Steen, Vos’s opponent in the August Republican primary, criticized him for not addressing “election theft” seriously enough.

In 2020, Biden beat Trump in Wisconsin by roughly 21,000 votes, a result affirmed by recounts and judicial rulings that dismissed claims of rampant election fraud.

Yet, the state remains a battleground for contesting the election’s results and electoral procedures.

This month, Vos informed a local news station that Trump continues to inquire about rescinding Biden’s win, despite his repeated assertions that such a step is unconstitutional.

Vos told UPFRONT, “It is quite reliable.”

“I respect his argument. In Wisconsin, he wants us to try something different. I stated the Constitution prohibits it. Having a different viewpoint, he then posted the tweet. So that concludes it.”


Despite Trump’s outbursts, Vos has permitted a limited investigation into allegations of electoral fraud.

He hired Michael Gableman, a former justice on the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, to review the 2020 election.

Gableman’s probe, nonetheless, has been met with derision from Democrats from the beginning, including the governor of Wisconsin, Tony Evers, who referred to the investigation as a political circus.

This investigation is ongoing and encountering legal issues regarding transparency. In addition, the Legislative Audit Bureau carried out an investigation into the election and published its findings in October.

The bureau stated it did not find substantiation of widespread voter fraud but did make dozens of suggestions for enhancing the voting process.

Despite this, there is impetus among Vos’ peers to take additional measures more than 20 months after the 2020 election. Janel Brandtjen, the leader of the election committee, is a Republican who Donald Trump has endorsed.

She recently issued a statement that she would join fellow state Representative Tim Ramthun, a Republican gubernatorial candidate, in the effort to overturn the results of the most recent presidential election. She brushed aside those who are skeptical of the effort.

“We’ve been assured for months that decertification is impossible, which means there are no repercussions for election fraud in Wisconsin,” Brandtjen added.

“How many more times must this election injustice be endured? Robin, do not disappoint Wisconsin’s voters!”

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.