Trump Supporters in Arizona: “Count the Votes” and “Stop the Steal”

"Donald Trump" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Hundreds of thousands of declared supporters of current President Donald Trump have begun protesting an Arizona Election Center this Wednesday evening. The supporters have been chanting “count the votes” in an attempt to get workers to hurry to finish counting the mail-in votes in the current battleground state Arizona.

Winning Arizona is critical to maintaining the Presidency of Donald Trump.

“President Trump deliver remarks” (public domain) by The White House

On the other hand, Trump supporters are frustrated at the cable news networks stating that Joe Biden is going to be the winner of the state despite a fully tallied count according to social media posts circulating the internet. The location of this crowd is outside the Maricopa County Elections.

The surge of protestors outside the building has led the local sheriff’s deputies to come prepared for a mob. They are currently seen in full tactical gear ready to handle the large and scary crowd due to its sheer size.

Reporter from AZ Family News, Briana Whitney on the scene has even claimed that one of her colleagues have been threatened by the angry crowd and scared her due to the nature of the uproar.

Whitney’s colleague, Kim Powell, said she was threatened by one of the demonstrators.

Powell’s Tweet: “My photographer and I have left after one protester threatened us and said he would find where we live. We are filing a police report.”

President Trump’s campaign and supporters are upset about the news claiming that the Republican Party has lost the state despite the significant number of mail-in ballots that have not been counted. Premature claims have caused significant tension.

Protestors who support the current president, Donald Trump wants to know who is even checking the mail-in votes. The footage was posted to Twitter by NBC News reporter, Gadi Schwartz.

News Network The Associated Press mentions 86% of states have reported on time. As of now, President Trump trails Joe Biden by only a mere 80,000 votes with more votes to still be counted.

Per the Washington Post, there are 300,000 in the battleground state that are left to be counted. That is enough to potentially put Donald Trump in the lead if the majority favors him.

More votes are to be released early Thursday Morning the Washington Post reports.

On the other hand, the supporters of President Trump surrounded the polling station in Arizona as they chant “stop the steal” and count my vote.” This happened after there were rumors that circulated on social media stating that the votes that were intended for the Republican candidate were being deliberately not counted. Some of the people stood outside were seen armed with rifles and handguns.

Meanwhile in downtown Detroit, a similar scenario was seen last Wednesday afternoon. This happened after city election officials had blocked around 30 voters who were said to be composed mostly of Republicans, from entering the vote counting hall.

In addition to this, there were roughly 200 protesters were seen chanting “Shame on Fox” on election night, after the news outlet together with Associated Press had already announced Arizona for Biden despite the fact that there were only around 70% votes had been counted.