Trump Schooled Biden for Destroying America

Donald Trump lambasted Joe Biden for his remarks on the anniversary of the January 6 riots, stating the president is destroying the nation with his inept policies.

Meanwhile, Kamala Harris compared January 6 to the deadly episodes of Pearl Harbor and 9/11, which cost America thousands of lives.

Biden destroyed the United States with flawed policies

In a statement issued by his Save America Political Action Committee, Trump noted Biden is destroying America through his insane policies of open borders, which he is implementing after stealing elections.

Similarly, Trump highlighted how the president introduced radical energy policies and tried to divide America using various tactics. 

According to Trump, America has no borders anymore; meanwhile, the devastation caused by the coronavirus is unprecedented.

In addition to that, the former president scolded the incumbent, saying America is no longer an energy-independent country. However, inflation is rising at an alarming rate.

Likewise, the withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan was one of the most embarrassing things to ever happen to the country throughout the course of history.

Trump was supposed to do a press conference on January 6, which was canceled at the eleventh hour, as he indicated the biased House committee failed to investigate the attacks on merit.

Correspondingly, Trump highlighted the role of the “fake media” as well, citing it as one of the reasons to cancel his speech.

While further criticizing the partiality of the House committee, the former president said no such body was formed to investigate the election fraud after 2020.

Kamala Harris taught America a History Lesson

Calling the partisan media a “big lie,” Trump mentioned while the media is calling election fraud a big lie, they themselves are perpetuating untruths in America.

Thus, with the help of the media, Democrats are trying to cancel all talks regarding the 2020 election, as no one has answers of what happened in the polls, Trump added.

The former president also claimed Democrats are trying to own the day of January 6 to further polarize America, but people have the ability to screen out their lies.

While issuing a follow-up statement later, Trump said everything Biden touches turns out to be a failure.

Trump was responding to Biden’s message, delivered earlier in the day which blamed him directly for the Capitol Hill insurrection. According to Biden, the attack was coached to undermine American democracy and the US Constitution.

In yet another shocking event at the anniversary of the January 6 riots, Kamala Harris gave a history lesson to Americans.

Noting that some dates should always be remembered in history, the vice president indicated January 6, 2021 of Capitol Hill riots, Dec. 7, 1941 of Pearl Harbor attacks, and September 11, 2001 of Twin Tower terrorist attacks all belong to the same category, which will echo in the history of the country.