Trump Returns From Hospital, Says Don’t Be Afraid Of COVID-19

"President Trump’s First 100 Days: 6" (Public Domain) by The White House

The Republican President Donald Trump returned from his three-day stint at the Walter Reed Medical Center since he got diagnosed with COVID-19 last Friday. His message to the public right after being released from the hospital was not to be afraid of the deadly virus. On returning from the hospital, his first activity was to remove his surgical mask and pose for pictures when journalists gathered to enquire how the president was feeling.

A lot of his stuff has been hit with the virus in the past couple of days. His campaign has been thrown into uncertainty amongst the reports of the infection. However, Trump remains to be in good spirit, and he has reported that he is feeling really good. The reporters who gathered at the front of the White House to interview the president reported that the president wore a mask while he disembarked from the helicopter.

He flew back on Marine One from the military hospital outside Washington. He climbed the stairs of the White House and removed the mask to pose for pictures. He was his usual self while posing, saluting, waving, and giving thumbs up. Then he returned to the White House with his mask in his pocket.

What does this mean for the Trump campaign re-election?

Clearly, the Republican Party is stressing a lot on getting the campaign back on track. The Republican president is running against Democratic Joe Biden on November 3rd, 2020. The US election remains one of the most divisive events in the country. Things seem to be dicey for the Trump campaign after he was diagnosed with Coronavirus last Friday and admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center.

Now that he has come out of it seemingly doing well, his message is that people should not let the disease dominate them. They should not be afraid of the disease. Trump has been seen in recorded videos speaking about the importance of going back to work. He wants to be front and center when it comes to fighting the election, and even the virus is not going to stop him.

He was welcomed with a suite of orchestral music that was tweeted out from his official handle. The video showed that he arrived at the White House and saluted at South Portico. At this point, the video has already gathered millions of views, which means his message is spreading far and wide amongst his followers.

He still remains to be on his message of not following social distancing guidelines that are suggested by scientists to curb the spread of the virus. He had mocked Democratic Joe Biden for wearing a mask during the presidential debate, even when he was plenty of distance away from everybody else.

Joe Biden has taken a different stance reminding the crowd that masks matter and to believe in science. He is leading the national opinion polls and has always been a vocal proponent of how serious COVID-19 is. He has expressed his hope that after going through this tough struggle, the president will understand the importance of wearing a mask and communicating the right lesson to the American public.

So far, Donald Trump did not have a fever in the last three days, and his oxygen levels are back to normal; all signs point to a positive indication. His medical team has not released a lot of information regarding his health due to patient confidentiality. There is no way of knowing how the disease could have infected the President’s lungs or whether he has tested negative for the virus at this point. However, the team has been positively reporting that the President has received supplemental oxygen in his treatment. He is also getting steroids, and might not exactly be completely safe at this point, as reported by Doctor Sean P Conley. They aim to get through to Monday and see what the situation is and how the President improves.

However, Conley has reported that the medical team was confident that the President could be discharged from the hospital. Now, he will be in the care of the White House medical staff round the Clock.