Trump Raid Update: Papers Filed, DOJ to Account

An impartial assessment of documents the FBI collected during its raid of Mar-a-Lago this month is what ex-President Trump and his team of lawyers are requesting in a motion submitted Monday night.

The Details

Per the request submitted Monday night in the Southern District of Florida’s federal court:

In order to stop the government from reviewing documents it seized (until a special master has been named), Trump and his team of lawyers are requesting an order that will name a special master to examine the records discovered during the search.

As a result, the state must return any material confiscated that was beyond the parameters of the search order. It must issue a more thorough receipt for the property.

The motion, according to Trump, is “firmly asserting” his privileges, “including those guaranteed by the 4th Amendment of our founding documents.

“This is regarding the unnecessary, unjustified, and un-American break-in of my residence, Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Springs, Florida, by large numbers of FBI agents, among others,” Trump said Monday night.

“They insisted on having security cameras switched off, which we legally refused to do. They answered “absolutely not,” preventing my counsel from viewing what was taken during the raid,” Trump stated.

“They illegally seized papers protected by attorney-client and executive privilege. I lost both of my cards. They even came with a “safe cracker” and managed to open my personal safe, but nothing was found inside.”

In his statement, Trump commented he is “now asking the Department of Justice be directed to actually cease the study of papers that were unlawfully taken from [his] house.”

The Documents

Trump said, “all records have already been declassified.”

“We are seeking for a special master to be appointed to supervise the processing of the items seized during the operation.”

“We further ask the DOJ be compelled to provide real inventory of my stuff that was stolen, devoid of “plants,” as well as information on its current whereabouts.”

“We demand all objects unjustly stolen from my residence be immediately restored,” Trump said with his legal team by his side.

Trump stated, “The erroneous, overbroad order was approved by a magistrate judge who recused himself from a major civil matter I filed, only two months ago, due to his prejudice and animus toward me.”

“We are pursuing all necessary steps to reclaim the records that were taken as a result of the unlawful and illegal Mar-a-Lago break-in, raid, and confiscation, which we would have provided to authorities without the need for the heinous raid on my house.”

“I’m doing this so I may donate these to the National Archives until they’re needed for the Donald J. Trump Presidency Library and Museum, which will open in the long term.”

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.