Trump Mocked CNN’s Dramatic Drop in Ratings

After former President Trump mocked CNN’s dramatic fall in ratings, personalities from the network took a defensive stance. 

The collapse in ratings is due to a “serious credibility problem.”

According to media critic and Cornell Law School professor William Jacobson, the collapse of CNN and MSNBC is due to a “serious credibility problem” and their manner of covering Biden. 

Jacobson added that the networks created a problem with their credibility when they ignored internal scandals and gaffes. He added that the networks were “one-trick ponies,” They used to bash Trump as a trick. 

However, now that Trump is no longer in office, CNN and MSNBNC are having a hard time keeping the mania up. The audiences disappeared because they were never loyal to either CNN or MSNBC. They were instead loyal to the hatred for Trump. Jacobson added that it is not hard to imagine that the executives of these networks are praying for Trump to run again in 2024. 

On Tuesday, former President Trump aimed at some of the liberal media adversaries. He also singled out news anchors, such as Jake Tapper of CNN, and emphasized how the ratings of CNN are down to 70%. Trump then called this huge drop in ratings a “wonderful thing to see.”

Tapper, on the other hand, retaliated against the former president. Tapper wrote in a tweet saying that if he had incited a deadly insurrection, he would not be out there bragging about the viewers he had, a statement in an apparent reference to the Capitol attack. Tapper added that he is a “different breed of cat.”

On the other hand, the head of strategic communications of CNN, Matt Dornic, went further as he posted a tweet celebrating the Biden administration. 

Dornic wrote that at present, people are already vaccinated. They are “no longer terrified” and are already “enjoying their lives.” The CNN personality then said that if the “trade-off” of that is that every news ratings will be down, he will take it. 

Another CNN anchor echoed the same sentiments. Back in April, CNN News anchor Don Lemon was asked whether he was worried about the drop in viewer ratings.

Lemon answered that he is not, adding the reasons he is not worried about it. However, lemon also claimed that the former president is a “horrible” person and “terrible” for the United States. 

The CNN anchor also claimed that it is better for the country that Trump is no longer the president. He continued saying that if a lower rating means the Republican president will no longer be in office, then he is not concerned about the drop.

Lemon further added that he would rather have his ratings down and Trump not in the office than the ratings sky-high and Trump sitting as the president. 

CNN dropped to only 654,000 viewers during the second quarter

During the second quarter of the year, CNN dropped to only 654,000 viewers. In comparison to this, Fox News is averaging 1.2 million viewers within the same period, earning the number one spot in all basic cable. 

CNN also failed to reach one million viewers during the prime hours of 8 pm to 11 pm ET. 

The most popular CNN program, “Cuomo Prime Time,” also landed in the Number 22 spot on cable news. Although Chris Cuomo used to be the most-watched show on CNN, it landed behind 14 Fox News shows and MSNBC segments.