Trump Makes a Decisive Announcement in CPAC

During the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) speech, former President Trump signaled to run for the White House again.

Speaking in Orlando, Florida, Trump noted he will make the country “great again.”

Trump promises to make America great again

Although Trump did not broadcast running for the presidency directly, he assured the crowd “we will do it again,” signaling his rerun to the highest office.

In his address, he ripped Biden’s policies that made Russian aggression against Ukraine possible.

While promising the crowd to reinstate pre-Biden times, Trump asserted Biden’s failed domestic agenda increased inflation, while his problematic foreign policies allowed Russia to invade Ukraine.

Comparing Republicans’ policies with Democrats’ policies, the former president noted Democratic leadership pushed the world into war with Europe. Biden then increased energy dependence, while Republicans helped America get energy dominance.

According to Trump, Biden is unable to portray America’s assertiveness to the world, which is assisting other countries in undermining America’s position across the globe.

Recently, the liberal media tried to further a narrative that Trump was supporting Putin in the current crisis. However, those comments were made sarcastically by the former president.

This time, Trump explicitly criticized Russian aggression against Ukraine. The former president also mentioned his administration helped Ukraine by giving them Javelin missiles and avoiding any conflict with Russia.

In what is considered the largest conservative gathering of America, Trump called the Ukraine president “brave,” reiterating these events would not have happened had the 2020 elections not been rigged by Democrats.

Donald Trump outlined his agenda for the next term

Trump’s speech outlined his second-term policies.

He promised to end doctrines like police defunding and cancel culture, while pledging to restore voter ID laws, which Democrats have been wrapping up to gain more control of elections. 

He also criticized the incumbent administration for increasing crime and promoting racism in the country.

After coming into power, Trump continued, he will increase parents’ participation in schools and ban funding for schools that teach critical race theory.

In addition to this, the former president emphasized the GOP should investigate Big Tech for censoring Hunter Biden’s laptop story, along with also censoring the $417 million investment of Mark Zukerberg.

This time, Trump is even more assertive in protecting the American border, as he pledged to cover the Mexico wall “very quickly, in a matter of weeks,” after coming into power.

Trump also assured the crowd that he would take immediate measures to stop the expansion of the Supreme Court, an idea that is often endorsed by Democrat lawmakers.

Donald Trump, once again, pushed for the independent investigation of the 2020 presidential elections, adding it is necessary to stop anyone trying to rig the upcoming 2022 and 2024 political elections.