Trump Lets Everyone Know He is Sick and Tired of Fox News and Its Chief Rupert Murdoch

Ever since the 2020 election, former President Trump has claimed there was widespread fraud and the election was stolen from him illegally.

His claim has been obsessed with by the liberal media and by opponents, who say he is a sore loser and a paranoid “psycho.” Though one of the few places that supported Trump’s claims somewhat was Fox News and hosts like Sean Hannity.

Eventually, however, Fox turned on Trump, discrediting his claims and refusing to air them when faced with a lawsuit. Newsmax also backed down from claims that Dominion voting machines had committed fraud.

Now, Trump is going on a tear against Fox and its owner Rupert Murdoch, who said Trump’s claim that the election was stolen is simply “bullsh*t” in leaked emails.

Trump Slams Murdoch as ‘RINO Globalist’

Going after Murdoch on his TRUTH social platform, Trump said the news executive is a “globalist” and “hates MAGA” conservatives.

New messages where Murdoch has made clear he considers Trump wrong and stupid emerged as part of the lawsuit over the Dominion voting machines lawsuit.

The company sued Fox and others, claiming they spread claims of voting fraud that they knew were false or had no substantive evidence.

Murdoch has been deposed as well and said he believes various Fox hosts knowingly lied and spread pro-Trump propaganda. This made Trump furious and he’s chosen to especially focus on the elderly Murdoch.

With his run for 2024 around the bend, Trump is hyper-sensitive to these kinds of events and says Murdoch is lying and the “rigging” and “cheating” are clear for all to see.

Slamming Fox as “fake news,” Trump said Murdoch should also say sorry to Fox hosts who told the truth and said the election was fraudulent. Leftists like Mike Sington have reacted, calling Trump a “psycho” for his comments.

Trump Adds More

Saying there is “massive proof” of widespread fraud in 2020, Trump claimed the election was “stollen” (sic) and added that Murdoch should quit helping with the “destruction of America.”

Dominion is currently suing Fox for $1.6 billion. Murdoch admitted while “some” like Lou Dobbs or others like Jeanine Pirro may have said election fraud occurred, he doesn’t think the network itself is to blame.

The leaked emails from Murdoch also show he wanted to get rid of people like Dobbs, finding him too much of a right-wing “extremist” but ratings concerns held back such a move.

Murdoch says he wishes he and Fox had been stronger in “denouncing” the stolen election claims in the past.

The Bottom Line

This is fairly typical behavior for Trump. If you’re a Trump supporter, then this is red meat for the base. For others, this is childish.

What is clear is Fox is in big trouble. Murdoch is turning on anyone he has to in order to try to avoid a huge payout to Dominion.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.