Trump Hospitalization Throws The Campaign Into Uncertainty

"President Trump Delivers Remarks" (Public Domain) by The White House

This election year has been nothing but shocking. With the news that trump got infected with the coronavirus, it has become highly uncertain for the Republican Party regarding what will happen to the presidential campaign. The situation has escalated after it was reported that President Donald Trump is being quarantined at a military hospital.

In a show of solidarity, the Democratic challenger Joe Biden has already taken down the negative attack ads he had posted previously. He twitted out his sympathy and sent best wishes for the president in these trying times. There have been messages from all Democratic candidates, and even the previous president, Barack Obama, wishes the president and his wife well.

In this situation, nothing else is more important than both parties to come together as a nation. Biden reminded everyone that this virus is not automatically going to vanish, and people still have to remain cautious. He will remain a vocal voice of the safety precautions while campaigning and will not be holding big rallies.

What will happen to the presidential campaigns?

The Democratic challenger Joe Biden has already declared that he will be cautiously approaching his campaigning, but he’s not stopping any of his activities. He has added that he will take a cautious approach to the campaign and not suspend the upcoming events he had planned. Although considering he has not been very stressing on holding big rallies, this does not change a lot for the Democratic campaign.

The Trump administration had been championing re-election efforts in most major cities of the USA in the last few weeks. For now, all of these events have been stopped and what will be decided remains to be seen. The campaigners were still hopeful even after Donald Trump testing positive Last Thursday. But the president’s shift to the military hospital has completely overturned any predictions that could be made about this year’s presidential campaign.

The pandemic has had a devastating effect on the Republican Party, where many other senior Trump aides are getting diagnosed positive with the coronavirus, including Kellyanne Conway. All of this makes the fate of the election completely uncertain. The diagnosis has created a lot of panic amongst the Republican Party and the followers of the party as well. Chances are there will be civil unrest in the country before the year is over. In this time, what message comes out of the president and the party remains to be seen.

There is some hope in this sea of bad news. According to the recent health update released this Friday evening, Donald Trump has been feeling fatigued, but he is still doing quite well. He has still not needed any supplemental oxygen. He will probably follow the remdesivir therapy consulted by the physicians. According to the news, he has already completed the first dose of the medication. For now, the president is safe and resting. He is being given the best care possible.

Trump has also recently been part of a trial medication by a major pharmaceutical company. The results of his trial are unknown, as the medical care provider and the pharmaceutical company have refused to disclose any of the personal information citing patient confidentiality. However, things seem to be going not too bad for the president if he is doing well. Fatigue and lethargy are the symptoms of this virus that are very expected at this point, and nothing sounds too alarming. The White House doctor Sean P Conley reported that the president is in good spirits. If all goes well, things could be looking up soon.

As for the Trump campaign, all the previous planned events for the president will be moved to a virtual event or will be postponed temporarily. They have also announced that events that involve the members of the Trump family will also be postponed. Any physical meets will be considered on an individual case basis before they are convened.