Trump Has a Special Message For You

"Donald Trump" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Former President Trump warned Americans regarding the much anticipated presidential elections of 2024 in a Michigan rally.

He suggested the country is facing the worst time in its history right now.

Trump warns Americans about midterm and presidential elections

Speaking at a Michigan rally on Saturday, Trump noted the upcoming midterm elections have so many stakes associated with them. He claimed never in history has the country felt so low and dejected. 

This was Trump’s first visit to Michigan since the 2020 presidential election.

There he addressed the big rally, stating the people of Michigan have to throw the incumbent Democratic governor out of office in the Michigan governor’s election this year.

He further added the only way to end the political career of Nancy Pelosi is to install a Republican majority in both the House and the Senate this year.

Accusing the Biden administration and the radical left of creating a “catastrophic mess,” the former president talked about his grievances on various matters ranging from foreign policy to the border crisis. 

Trump told Americans they should only vote for Democrats if they want high corruption, surging crime, more inflation, incompetence, and taxes.

However, if people are wanting to get a strong country that is not only sovereign, but also safe and secure, everyone should vote for Republicans, he added.

The former president once again reiterated his election fraud rhetoric.

According to him, all prevailing crises, ranging from the energy crisis to the border fiasco, the Ukraine disaster, Afghanistan chaos, etc., are due to the rigged election of 2020.

Just like in the earlier rallies, Trump kept people in the grey regarding his 2024 election candidacy.

While the whole speech was delivered in an election campaign style, he did not officially announce his plans to run for the highest office in 2024.

However, talking about his presidential election, Trump noted “we have to do it again.”

Trump wave is on the rise once again

The popularity of Donald Trump is rising once again in the United States, amid the onslaught of various policy crises under President Biden.

According to the Havard CAPS-Harris Poll, Trump would have beaten Biden by six percentage points if the election had to take place today.

Similarly, he would beat the incumbent vice president by 11 percentage points in a presidential election under the same polls. 

As per the poll, Biden would get 41 percent support, compared to 47 percent for Trump. 12 percent of voters were still undecided when they were asked the question in the poll.

Likewise, 49 percent of Americans would have voted for Trump, compared to 38 percent for Vice President Kamala Harris.

Just like Trump, Biden has not announced running for office again in 2024. However, he has indicated he would be “very fortunate” if he faces Trump in the next election.

According to the co-director of the poll, the numbers reflect the unassertive stance of the Biden administration on various policies.