Trump Has a Message For the FBI

Former President Trump never had to run for office. He never had to dedicate his time, energy, and money to lead America.

Though he did it because he wanted to make our country number one again. He almost succeeded, too, winning us energy independence, fear and respect abroad, and a roaring economy and patriotic comeback.

The problem was the jealous and hate-filled left, which sabotaged him at every step and tried to undo the good work he was doing.

As Trump often said, he’s taken “more incoming” than any leader in history from the lying press and their sick political, judicial allies.

The recent FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago only reinforces the persecution against Trump. Now, he’s had enough and is openly calling out the leftist feds to their faces.

Trump Slams FBI ‘Thugs’

In a post on his Truth Social network, Trump slammed the FBI, saying they are “thugs” and “hacks” who are working for a leftist political agenda. He also claims they had no legal right to raid his property and referring to the Presidential Records Act is just a flimsy excuse.

It’s hard to see how Trump is wrong here. This was clearly a politicized raid and even more bizarrely, Joe Biden, at first, claimed he didn’t even know about it and ignored questions.

You didn’t know your main political opponent and man you falsely call a fascist just got raided by federal agents who rifled through his and his family’s personal items and documents all day and night? Tell me another one…

According to the FBI, the raid was definitely warranted and they found more than 300 items that are categorized as top secret.

Of course part of the debate, however, is whether these became unclassified when Trump removed them from federal property, considering he was the chief executive at the time and had an inalienable right to unilaterally declassify.

Trump went further, however, saying that is a “failing nation” and there is no longer a real rule of law in the United States.

What Are the Allegations?

According to the FBI, Trump’s lawyers signed off on a binding promise that he had no more secret items at Mar-a-Lago. The US National Archives also said they were concerned he could be illegally keeping some items.

Still, according to authorities, Trump kept numerous secret items and documents in a room at his villa and this was the reason for the raid.

One of the most bizarre things is the redacted version of the affidavit was put out and it’s just full of black ink.

This is exactly like east Germany or Soviet Communist Russia. It’s just an all-powerful state doing what it wants to punish political opponents and then having no oversight about whether it was actually justified.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.