Trump Criticizes McConnell For Considering His Favorites Before The Majority

Trump criticized Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s move to entrench a GOP minority he can manage, rather than a Republican majority that would endanger his leadership.

Withdrawing Funding

Trump emphasized McConnell’s abandoning of the Arizona Senate contest to back incumbents faithful to the GOP minority leader, like Lisa Murkowski in Alaska.

Kelly Tshibaka is Murkowski’s most formidable opponent this fall under ranked-choice voting in Alaska.

Trump said Kelly Tshibaka is doing well in Alaska, perhaps leading Lisa Murkowski, a marginally Republican senator.

He stated the Democrats really have no chance. Still, Mitchell McConnell is approving $9 million to be wasted to beat a terrific Republican, Kelly, rather than Blake Masters and other Republicans.

They could defeat their Democrat opponent with the same money. How ironic!

The Anchorage Daily News revealed Thursday McConnell’s political action committee, the Senate Leadership Fund, had thrown more than $7 million into the Alaska Senate race between two Republicans.

Although numerous polls are being manufactured to match pre-determined media narratives and influence voter sentiments toward Democrats, Republican venture entrepreneur Blake Masters is now within four points of Democratic incumbent Mark Kelly.

Masters dislikes McConnell. Masters stated in May at the Arizona Republican Senate race that he only wishes to vote for a majority leader committed to enacting an America First agenda.

McConnell scrapped $8 million in funding for Masters in August, withdrawing $1.7 million from the Alaskan race as a distraction.

Similar to Masters, Tshibaka, who has Trump’s backing to unseat Alaska’s four-term incumbent, committed to back another GOP Senate leader.

Mitch McConnell has consistently bailed out Joe Biden, handing him Senate votes, Tshibaka stated in a December statement.

In mid-September, McConnell’s super PAC cut another $10 million from Arizona and reinjected money into Alaska to rescue Murkowski.

After McConnell left Arizona, conservative groups and the National Republican Senatorial Committee, led by Florida Sen. Rick Scott, saved Masters. Scott started the general election season by criticizing McConnell’s complaints about “candidate quality.”

Quality of Candidates

In August, McConnell suggested there’s a larger chance the House changes than the Senate. He said Senate campaigns are different since they’re statewide; thus, candidate quality matters.

Scott responded in an Examiner op-ed. Scott said they have fantastic candidates with impressive backgrounds and ideas. “Do I hope they had more funds than their Democratic rival? Certainly. Voters in their states chose terrific candidates, and our mission is to assist them to win.”

The Republican National Senatorial Committee has spent more than $10 million on the Arizona Senate race.

Conservative groups committed extra funding for Masters, but not the $20 million McConnell canceled. Sentinel Action Fund, a super PAC associated with Heritage Action for America, backed Masters last week. The group committed $5 million in September.

McConnell has a net-negative approval number of 33 points, as per RealClearPolitics.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.