Trump Campaign Cries Fraud and Lawsuits Were Filed

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A lawsuit in the state of Nevada was filed by the Trump campaign in reference to the allegations that there were ineligible votes cast in the Las Vegas area. 

Biden is already leading in the state of Nevada as of Thursday, with over 11,000 votes. However, there are yet 50,000 votes that have to be counted in the coming days as there has been a delay in providing results from the state, stating that they still need time to count until at least tomorrow. 

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According to the state law of Nevada, votes can still be counted as long as they were postmarked by election day, November 3.

Nevada had also been a state trending to lean more towards Democrats in the past decade. George W. Bush was the last Republican to win the state. In the last election, President Trump was also narrowly lost in the state. 

On another account, the Trump Campaign also filed a court order to stop the Clark County Registrar of Voters from using an optical scanning machine in tallying ballots and verify voters. 

This move was made after a woman gave a statement last Thursday that she had been turned away from voting in person because a mailed-in ballot had already been cast under her name and that her signature appears to be on it. 

Moreover, a political strategist TV commentator was also denied the opportunity to watch the counting of ballots.

Meanwhile, Adam Laxalt, Trump’s campaign co-chairman in the state of Nevada, gave his statements saying, “this highlights ongoing voter fraud and voter disenfranchisement in Clark County.”

Democrats accusing Republicans of trying to disturb and suppress voting

Democrats are accusing Republicans and President Trump of disturbing and trying to suppress voting in Nevada’s most populous and diverse area.

Nevada’s electoral college points are crucial for the Democrat candidate to win as it will give him 270 points, considering 11 electoral college points from Arizona in case he wins this state. 

Trump Campaign: We have evidence to support that votes had been cast fraudulently

Meanwhile, Trump cries fraud and maintains that they have evidence to support their claim that there were tens of thousands of votes had been cast fraudulently. 

According to Ric Grenell, former Director of National Intelligence, they are confident that when all the legal votes are tallied, President Trump will win in Nevada. He further added that “The reality is transparency is not political. Ballots are not automatically legal votes until they’re checked. We are not able to check.” he gave these statements in an interview with Fox News. 

Moreover, Grenell also stated that in Nevada, there is a law that requires you to be eligible to vote; you have to be a resident of the state for at least 30 days. If this requirement is not met, then it will be illegal for you to vote. 

“It is unacceptable in this country to have illegal votes counted. That is what’s happening in the state of Nevada,” Grenell said.

Furthermore, Trump’s campaign is also claiming that many voters in Nevada come from people who do not live there anymore. They also claimed that the names of people who are long deceased were already seen in some of the ballots. 

Last Thursday, President Trump took his frustrations on Twitter, tweeting, “Stop the count!.”

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He also stated that ballots cast “after election day” should not be counted anymore. This statement was made by him after a number of mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania are still permitted to be counted until Friday, as long as the ballots were mailed on November 3. Mail-in ballots are turning towards Biden, and as of the moment, President Trump is already winning in the state of Pennsylvania.