Trump Called Critical Race Theory a “Flagrant Racism” Forced Into Our Society

Former President Trump slammed critical race Theory, calling it a “flagrant racism” that is forced into every aspect of our society. Trump then criticized the Biden administration for promoting “America last” philosophies, stating that the administration should apologize to the United States of America.

Trump on the Democrats

On Saturday, during a speech to conservatives in Pheonix, Trump slammed Democrats for fostering “America last” beliefs. The former president stated that the country should not be apologizing to the world and should instead apologize to America. 

Trump then recalled how former President Obama apologized to America, adding that the Biden administration should also do the same, particularly for what they have done to the country. In his speech, Trump then mentioned that the Biden administration fostered an “America last” philosophy. The administration is also mocking the country right in its home.

Trump continued stating that earlier this year, Biden endorsed moves to push the “toxic” critical race theory to children’s schools and in the U.S. military. Trump added that this “poisonous” Democrat doctrine is blatant racism in itself, adding that there is no place for it in the U.S. military or in the United States. 

The former president was referring to Biden’s first day in office wherein he signed a string of executive orders that erased orders imposed by Trump during his administration. Included among them is the order that restricts the federal government from teaching critical race theory in schools. 

Trump then mentioned that he ended critical race theory with a rapid and powerful executive order. However, that was repealed and terminated immediately by the far-left Democrats. 

Trump stated that the military should be focusing on fighting against enemies, winning upcoming wars instead of learning about critical race theory.

During his speech, the Republican former president also blasted Gen. Mark Milley, the chair of Joint Chiefs of Staff, who upheld the review of critical race theory in the military last month. 

Trump then mentioned that the chairman wanted to “understand white rage”, asking the crowd what is Milley talking about. The former president later emphasized that military generals should not be focused on learning about Democrat ideology; instead, they should be concentrated on fighting against the enemies of America and winning future wars.

The former president also added that he remains a target of Democrats because of his belief in American workers and his patriotism. However, Trump continued, saying that the Democrat Party is still coming for him because of his unceasing desire to fight and win for the American people.

Trump added that he has been fighting for the American people for five years, since the start of their movement. Now, they are fighting against the most powerful, corrupt government and other forces you can imagine.