Trump Believes Biden Is Leading the US Straight Into WW3

"Donald Trump" by Gage Skidmore

During his last “Save America” rally in Ohio, former President Donald Trump warned the Biden administration may as well be leading this once-great country straight into WW3 with the way they’re handling the Ukraine/Russia conflict.

He added the US had much fewer issues with national security during his four years of office than it does now, chalking it up to Biden’s decision to bring up the amount of IRS agents to almost 90,000.

“Donald Trump” by Matt Johnson

Biden’s leadership may bring about disaster, says Trump

The resources that could’ve been allocated to ICE and Border Patrol are being wasted on enforcing taxation policies. This is bound to impact lower-to-middle-class families the most anyways, as large corporations and billionaires always manage to sneak around it.

The fact that we’ve got hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants pouring into this country every month is demoralizing, to say the least. If you consider that Biden is practically letting it all happen, it makes things look that much worse.

Trump proposed passing legislation that would allow the US to deport every illegal alien that entered the country during Biden’s term, while also doubling down on securing the border to prevent millions more from flowing in.

It’s no secret illegal immigrants are motivated now more than ever to enter the US, due to Biden’s uncomfortably laissez-faire border policies. With Democratic officials like AOC welcoming them with open arms, the situation is only going to escalate from here on out.

Trump’s smooth talking kept us safe

While talking about his time in office, Trump reminisced on the good relations he’d had with other world leaders, such as Kim Jong-un and even the leader of the Taliban, all of them with good purpose too.

When Trump first contacted the Taliban leader, Abdul, the left-leaning media was in shock, many of them losing their minds over him actually communicating with the terrorist group. They were ignoring the fact Trump was trying to deal with a major issue in a professional manner.

In stark contrast to Trump, Biden managed to ruin every relationship the US had with foreign leaders, including North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. He has now become a major threat considering that the country is launching continuous nuclear weapons tests in the region.

Nuclear war was out of the question some two years ago.

Although things would’ve taken a drastically different turn, had Biden been in office at the time; he’s shown a considerable lack of tact and capabilities when it comes to staying on good terms with China and North Korea.

Hilariously enough, instead of defending our own border, Kamala Harris, the self-proclaimed border czar, went to the Korean Demilitarized Zone around a month ago in response to the nuclear missile launches that North Korea was conducting.

Harris claimed the US will do everything in our power to protect the sovereignty and peace of South Korea.

It’s clear the Biden administration doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing more often than not. If we keep letting old Joe do the talking with the Chinese and the Russians, we’re in for DEFCON 1 sooner than you think.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.