Trump And Biden Gear Up For Face To Face Debate

Source: Flickr

Sitting Republican President Donald Trump is gearing up to fight on the first presidential debate against the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden. The two candidates have a very different policy regarding their campaigns. Since they are pretty much opposite personalities, this is going to be an interesting debate to watch.

Donald Trump has never been one for formal preparations, and he is continuing the streak by skipping any preparation ahead of the debate. In contrast, Joe Biden, who does not believe that the debate is of importance, is still preparing aggressively so that he can fight the president on all fronts.

This is the first time both nominees will meet on the debate stage face to face. The debate is being held in Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio this Tuesday. The entire event will last 90 minutes, and it is going to be moderated by the famous Fox News host Chris Wallace. This debate will be followed up by a debate between the vice presidential nominees of the parties, senator Kamala Harris and current vice president Mike Pence.

What are voters getting?

It is always a deciding moment for many voters when they can see both candidates face to face on the same stage. These nominees present many significant historical moments and are strong personalities that need to be compared directly. None of the campaigns are holding high hopes that the debate outcome is going to change how the voters are leaning, but they are still bringing their best selves. Considering voters are struggling to cast their votes, and from financial pangs due to the pandemic, they will have to be satisfied with the high profile debates on reality television.

This is also a moment for many voters to be able to compare the policies of both presidential candidates’ side by side and decide last minute. Although many times in the last few year debates, moments that many predicted will change the course of the election ultimately had little to no effect on the election or together.

Will there be fact-checking on stage?

Joe Biden has expressed interest in being a fact-checker in the debate, but the smarter move for Democrats would be to avoid confrontation with the presidents. Both candidates are being encouraged to stick to the issues at hand and have conversations on the relevant discussions of this election.

The issues that are currently on the platform are the coronavirus pandemic, universal health care, and the economy of the country. Although Biden has extensive knowledge of these topics, he continues to prepare himself for the discussion. Trump, on the other hand, is going to focus on doing his day to day job and not put too much importance on the meeting.

Will Trump be able to hold his own against Joe Biden?

Not being a career publication, Donald Trump is certainly not equipped with the kind of knowledge and tact that the Democratic nominee understands. But he has made it a simple choice that he will be focusing on his job instead of debating preparation. This includes his continuous interaction with many reporters that has kept him up to date on the issues hurting the voters. White House is also getting up to make Trump face real questions by real voters in this month, which will also give him a chance to catch up on the pertinent issues that can help him in the debate.

Although many Trump allies have expressed their discomfort and fear about Trump not taking the debate seriously, this is his trademark. Tump supporters are extremely confident that Donald Trump does not need to conform to the traditional means of preparation for the debate against Joe Biden. They believe he is equipped to handle any tough questions dealt on his own.

Donald Trump has never been one to shy away from fights. There has certainly been a conflict of messaging coming out of the Trump campaign because they have been portraying Biden as mentally and physically incompetent. In contrast, they are also certainly addressing for Trump to prepare ahead of the debate. The only thing that the voters are waiting to see is the aggressiveness of Donald Trump when it comes to the issues on stage.