Trump Advocating For Stability In China Situation

In light of recent events, when global peace seems jeopardized, US President Donald Trump is trying to mediate a peaceful relationship with China. He does not want a situation where one nation has to threaten another.

Reported by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, this news came to light recently because Trump has always been quite anti-China in his statements. He had declared a trade war with China in 2018. The reason was that Beijing created a massive trade deficit which caused the US billions of dollars in debt.

The relationship with China has been stressed even more so due to the recent pandemic. Trump has reportedly been calling the coronavirus China virus and blaming Beijing and Chinese leadership for the outbreak of the global pandemic. China has always categorically denied the accusation.

According to Pompeo, the focus is going to be shifting from trying to create trouble to creating a fair and reciprocated relationship with China instead.

The future of the US-China relationship

So, how does US President Donald Trump want the future between the two countries to look like in a few years? And the answer that comes from the White House is that they are seeking a balanced relationship and not trying to threaten the livelihood of each other. There is no reason to drive a barrier between the relationship between both countries when they can compete on a fair basis and be suppliers of various companies without hurting each other.

Although the peace talks seem encouraging, Mike Pompeo also has added a strong word of caution from the White House. They also understand that there is a flipside to asking for a collaborative relationship; some people will not always respect the goodwill. But the US will no longer accept the predatory activities when they try to mediate things for a better future. He has also said that the previous President Richard Nixon and his secretary were always on good terms with China, and they have done very well in the 70s, which is an example they are trying to follow.

What is causing the tension between the US-China relationship?

Despite advocating for a better election, Mike Pompeo has noted that the American people have suffered due to China’s trade policy. He considers the loss of job for millions of people an intellectual property theft. There has always been outsourcing of work from the United States to China, which has also caused a lot of people do lose their jobs at home and even had some forced technology transfers that the current President does not like.

He has noted that if America continues to increase the trade possibilities with China, then China is not going to equivocally cooperate, and they will continue being oppressive and inequitable as before.

Mike Pompeo believes that, before President Donald Trump came to power, the trade relationship between the two countries had been completely uneven. The Chinese Communist Party has long been trying to deceive the people into believing that they are a growing and developing nation. The President is trying to figure out how to change the course of what has happened and make the trade relationship between the two countries more equal so the economic relationship can improve between the countries.

Is the new trade deal the solution?

Mike Pompeo and the President seems to think so. He thinks that a new trade agreement, which is balanced and fair, is the only solution. He is going to keep in mind that whatever decisions are made an impact not only China but American businessmen as well.

They want to come to equal footing as soon and as fast as possible, and he believes that most Americans are prepared to do what is needed to better the fate of the country. Because ultimately, it will improve their business possibilities as well. He has noted that he will try to mitigate the problems the medium and small businesses will be facing if there is a strategic change between the trade relationship of these countries. This is why they are planning to bring change in the old tariffs, so there are no barriers between the two countries to compete.