“Truman Show Presidency”: Biden Mocked for Using Fake White House Setup

On Wednesday, Biden got roasted on social media after he again used a phony White House setup. This is something people called bizarre and an uncanny resemblance to the “Truman Show.”

Biden used fake setup to avoid teleprompter glass from being seen in the camera

The president once again used the fake White House setup during his Wednesday speech; he stirred criticism from social media users, as they mocked and shamed the president for the bizarre setup.

The setup features a digital monitor for the windows showing the infamous Rose Garden in all its fake glory in the background.


According to Stephen Miller (the senior adviser of former President Trump), Biden uses the fake White House for televised meetings (instead of using an actual room such as the Cabinet, Oval, Roosevelt, East Room, etc) to enable him to read a script directly from a running monitor.

This likewise stops the teleprompter glass from being seen on camera during his televised appearance. The odd setup was built in the South Court Auditorium, across from the White House.

The president uses this for events broadcasted online, as well as video conferences. The set features professional lighting and monitors. It is also the same set the president used when he received his third dose of the COVID vaccine shot. 

Social media users called COVID vaccine booster shot “fake”

On the other hand, Jack Posobiec (senior editor of Human Events) slammed the “Truman Show presidency,” referring to the fake White House setup that Biden uses. 

Tricia Macke also posted a question, asking whether it is “common” for presidents of the United States to use this kind of setup. She added she saw pictures of the set when Biden received the COVID booster shot; she did not believe the fake White House set was actually real. 

The setup includes a seating area for the members of the press and other people in attendance. It is also used to host virtual meetings for the president and other members of the Biden administration.

Included among the people photographed using the setup were Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Ambassador to the U.N. Linda Thomas-Greenfield, and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. 

Meanwhile, after videos and photos of Biden purportedly having the COVID vaccine booster shot circulated online, some people on social media believe the visual images bring together a grand conspiracy to “fake” the whole vaccination event. 

People were quick to comment that all of these acts by Biden (like getting the COVID booster shot) were “staged.” The critics noted the Biden administration used fake trees, fake windows, a fake nurse, and a fake booster shot to go along with the fake setup.

The White House is staying fairly tight-lipped about all of this.