Truckloads of Migrants Arrive in New York

Conservatives commented on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s most recent truckload of illegal immigrants on social media, many of them noting a large number of migrants are single men.

John Cooper, director of communications for the Heritage Foundation, wrote early on Wednesday, “the vast majority of illegal aliens stepping off these trucks in New York and D.C. are mature, adult men.”

Dems Hiding the Truth

Conservative News Politics editor Emma-Jo Morris tweeted, “They do not even want you to see the footage, like what I released on Breitbart on Friday, of a flow of adult males coming out of the bus.”

In reaction to the announcement of the most recent bus carrying migrants, one Twitter user said, “Sanctuary state and free things courtesy of the NY taxpayers,” while another responded, “Sharing the issue! I adore it!”

Another person on Twitter said, “With just lone dudes getting off.”

Continuing the route of the 50 illegal immigrants who have been transported by bus to the same location on Friday, August 5, three migrant buses arrived in New York late on Wednesday.

Manuel Castro, the director of NYC’s Office of Immigrant Services, blasted a “morally bankrupt” Abbott for exploiting the commuting of migrants to the Big Apple as a “political ploy” intended to “stir up anti-immigrant emotion.”

“Governor Abbott’s statements cannot be taken seriously. These activities by him have shown his moral nature, and they are repulsive.”

“We are aware that due to the care they had in the state of Texas, individuals are arriving with a lot of needs,” Castro remarked in front of the New York Times office.

“This has to be criticized once more. This has to be investigated. Additionally, our national government will take action to hold them responsible.”

New York Fights Back

A day before, New York City Mayor Eric Adams criticized Abbott and declared for the “good of the country,” he would transport New Yorkers to Texas to fight against the governor.

Adams’ remarks were the most recent in a dispute between the conservative border areas of Arizona and Texas and the liberal metropolis of Washington, D.C. and New York City.

By bringing thousands of migrants to their communities, the governors of the states have outraged the liberal mayors, who claim this stretched their welfare structures.

Later on Tuesday, the Abbott campaign replied to Adams’ remarks.

According to campaign spokeswoman Mark Miner, who talked to Fox News Digital, “people are offering to leave New York City without the mayor asking,” due to the city’s exorbitant taxes, out-of-control violence, and bad leadership by the mayor.

“It appears Mayor Adams has added the responsibility of serving as Beto O’Rourke’s political coordinator.”

Fox News Digital contacted Adams’ office for comment, but they didn’t get back to them right away.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.