Troops March to Southern Border as GOP Governors Take Action

National Guard troops have been activated and dispatched to tackle the illegal immigrant invasion at the southern border by Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin.

Joe Biden has not only completely abdicated his duties to defend this nation, but he is actually aiding and abetting the border jumpers and evil Mexican drug cartels.

Incredible Disgrace

The situation at the US-Mexican border has been outrageously unbelievable and disgraceful, ever since Sleepy Joe occupied the White House.

More than six million border jumpers have waltzed into America, thanks to Biden and his vicious anti-American cohort; that includes some two million gotaways, according to Customs and Border Protection.

This forced governors in the four border states to do their best to defend the nation on their own – or at least the Republicans among them who are the only ones who happen to be patriots – such as Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Yet, other GOP governors nationwide are not standing idly by as they realize the nation is under invasion, regardless of whether one lives in a border state or in the US interior.

On Wednesday, Virginia’s Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin joined several of his colleagues who activated their National Guard troops and marched them to the southern border, Fox News reports.

Fending Off Migrants and Fentanyl

In a statement, Younkin said his actions were in response to an appeal for help from his Texas counterpart, Greg Abbott. He announced Virginia was dispatching 100 troops to the border.

Biden’s migrant invasion turned all US states into “border states,” the Virginia governor declared.

He noted Republican states’ efforts were meant to help crack down on human trafficking and also on the influx of deadly fentanyl also smuggled by the Mexican drug cartels.

Four other GOP-led states announced last week that they were sending National Guard troops to the southern border – Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Nebraska.

Florida sent 800 troops, plus 300 other assets. Tennessee contributed 100 troops and Nebraska sent 10 state troopers.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.