Top Trump Insider Subpoenaed By DOJ

The Biden regime has shown us all clearly where its focus lies. It wants to prosecute everyone who was ever close to former President Trump and Trump himself.

The weaponized Department of Justice (DOJ), along with the infiltrated FBI, are going hard after everyone even remotely connected to the January 6 protests and riots.

Meanwhile, associates of Trump, like Steve Bannon, are being arrested left and right as they are ritually humiliated in front of the drooling leftist media.

The latest is a subpoena on former Trump White House policy advisor and insider Stephen Miller. He has now been served a subpoena for supposedly trying to help Trump rig the 2020 election.

Miller Gets Served

In his 2020 run for re-election, the DOJ claims Trump tried to rig up non-existent electors who would push through fake wins for him and help him steal the election. The allegation against Miller is not clear.

Being served a subpoena does not mean you are being charged with a crime, but does mean your input is sought in an ongoing matter.

Miller was with Trump from the start. He was one of the few who lasted the full term, solidly staying by Trump’s side and defending him from liberal attacks on cable news quite frequently.

DOJ is reportedly also digging into what Trump did in fundraising after his 2020 loss.

Specifically, this Miller subpoena digs into a strategy that was connected to the Save America PAC. This aimed to deliver over pro-Trump electors from swing states won by Biden in order to flip the vote post-election with the support of GOP-run state legislatures certifying the changeover.

Trump said frequently this would be a constitutional way to undo Biden’s win.

The Dragnet Closes In

Liberals have been cheering Miller’s receipt of the subpoena, mocking his appearance, calling him racist, and saying he’s guilty of everything under the sun.

Miller was one of the top targets of the left from the day he entered the national consciousness. His strong support of border security, in particular, led many on the left to falsely accuse him of racism.

In addition, the left routinely mocked Miller’s thin and gaunt appearance. Prior to his marriage, they also made fun of him for the perception that he didn’t have much success with women, mocking him as an “incel” and a desperate loser.

As usual, the left shows it has no actual interest in respect for people who look different or have less success in life but only wants to piggyback off the disadvantaged to seize power.

As soon as someone they dislike has power, the left’s vicious inner bully immediately rises to the surface.

The Bottom Line

Let’s continue to follow this story. How deeply involved was Miller and what exactly was Trump’s plan? We’ll stay tuned.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.