Top Republican Urges Trump to Tone Down Focus on 2020

In all likelihood, former President Trump is going to run for office again. Trump’s consistently hinted at another presidential bid for months on end now; yet, no announcement has been made just yet.

Within the GOP, there certainly is a decent amount of support for the former president to give it another go. Although there are also other Republicans who’d like to see a different GOP candidate secure the 2024 nomination.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham has gone on record, stating that if Trump runs, he’ll be the first in line to support him. At the same time, Graham is also giving the former president some pointers on what he thinks he needs to focus on, per The Hill.

Graham on the Possibility of Trump 2024

While Graham sat down with CNN, he explained that a referendum on the 2020 presidential election isn’t the way to go for Trump.

After noting that most Americans aren’t going to want to hear about this, the South Carolina lawmaker advised Trump to focus on policy matters, such as growing crime and the depleted southern border.

Graham later proceeded to tell CNN that if Trump’s interested in returning to the White House, his campaign focus should center around the problems in Americans’ day-to-day lives.

In the grand scheme of things, Graham doesn’t believe the previous presidential race fits the marker at all.

A Wild Card Election Year

In many ways, just about anything could happen in 2024. Not all Republicans are on board with Trump going for the Oval Office again; there are definitely some in the party looking for new blood and fresh alternatives.

On the Democratic side, meanwhile, there’s a real possibility of Joe Biden getting primaried by progressives who aren’t happy with his job performance thus far. In that case, the door is open to Democrats like California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Vice President Kamala Harris, and others.

Biden’s already declared that he’ll run for another term. However, as pressure within his own party grows for him not to see through this run, it’s a possibility that he won’t go on with it.

A recent survey by Yahoo News shows that just about four in ten Americans don’t want either Trump or Biden back in the Oval Office. This speaks to the subsection of people who’d like to see the parties go in a different direction once the next election cycle is here.

Once the November midterms have run their course, Americans can expect to learn a lot more about what’s to come in 2024.

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This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.