Tom Brady Set To Make the Playoffs, But THIS Might Get in the Way

Tom Brady, the longest-serving quarterback still playing in the NFL, is 44 years old. He is not just the eldest quarterback still playing, he is the oldest player.

The most by an NFL player, he has played 363 games (316 regular seasons, 47 postseasons) over 22 seasons.

The NFL’s most successful player in history is Tom Brady. He has also been selected for 14 Pro Bowls and three All-Pro squads during the course of his extended career.

When Tom was 23 years old, the New England Patriots selected him in the sixth stage of the 2000 NFL Draft. He competed in the NFL for 22 seasons and is now 44. Brady presently has a 7-3 record in Super Bowls.

The Crypto Situation

Stars like Tom Brady, Steph Curry, and Larry David, who supported the now-defunct crypto exchange site, FTX, will shortly learn their lesson not to meddle with Texas state officials.

According to Joe Rotunda, head of the investigation at the Texas State Services Board, his office is looking into cash payments to famous athletes and celebrities who promoted the collapsed cryptocurrency exchange founded by Sam Bankman-Fried.

Rotunda is investigating the level of disclosure made by these high-profile FTX promoters, as well as the accessibility of the information to regular investors.

Celebrity sponsorships of FTX, according to Rotunda, are not the inquiry’s top concern. Instead, they’re one of the factors being examined.

Rotunda stated the probe is also focused on FTX. According to reports, Texas regulators are in touch with state authorities in other jurisdictions who are also investigating possible securities breaches by FTX and FTX-affiliated firms.

Authorities have not steered away from targeting crypto celebrities. Kim Kardashian, a celebrity TV personality, consented to pay a $1.26 million penalty last week to resolve allegations made by the Securities & Exchange Board.

According to the SEC, Kardashian advertised a cryptocurrency project on her Instagram page without telling her hundreds of millions of fans that she was being paid as a celebrity endorsement. The reality TV star didn’t acknowledge or refute the accusations.

Court Cases are on the Way

In a lawsuit filed early in the year, it was claimed that Kardashian and professional boxer Floyd Mayweather deceived their internet fans into purchasing cryptocurrencies as a portion of a “pump and dump” plan.

Paul Pierce, a former star again for the Celtics, was also mentioned in the lawsuit.

Brady among others is named defendant in one civil suit course of the most recent month. Curry is also facing a separate lawsuit because of FTX connections to the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT series’ parent company.

Although spokespeople and brand ambassadors are typically exempt from liability for the wrongdoing of a sponsored corporation, these famous people allegedly held more significant positions.

They arguably possess a better understanding than the average endorsed brand and a higher duty of caution.

They, in turn, spread the word about FTX and, in some cases, advised their followers to follow their lead and buy FTX. The celebs can counter that they weren’t “in the know” because they suffered financial losses as a result of FTX’s demise.

Sam Bankman-Fried, the creator of FTX, is accused of fraud and risks up to 115 years behind bars if found guilty.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.