Three-Quarters of Trump’s Voters Say Biden’s Victory Was a Fraud

"Donald Trump" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

A new poll revealed that a vast majority of Trump’s supporters believed that Biden only won the presidency due to fraud. 

A recent survey by Monmouth released last Wednesday, revealed that 77% of President Trump’s voters think that the Democrats committed some fraud in the 2020 elections. And this fraud caused Biden to win the presidency. 

Meanwhile, there were only 11% of voters who feel that the election was fair. Even far less at 4% think that the election will be overturned and that Trump will be declared the winner. 

In another survey conducted by Reuters last Wednesday, it revealed that 52% of Republicans believe that Trump “rightfully won” the Presidential election. 

However, although a majority of the Republicans agree that the current results show Joe Biden won the election, they still exhibit suspicion and skepticism about this victory was obtained. 

The survey, which was taken a week after the election, showed how President Trump open’s defiance about Joe Biden’s victory affected the public’s confidence in American’s voting system. 

Why are Republicans concerned about the possibility that the vote counters were tipped towards Biden?

Republicans were then asked why do they feel concerned.

Republicans were then asked why do they feel concerned than others if the state vote counters tipped the results towards Biden. 

68% of the respondents answered that the reason they were concerned is that the election was “rigged.”

To add more to the issue of the election being “rigged,” Kayleigh McEnany, White House Press Secretary, stated last Wednesday that the Trump administration still believes that once all of the “legal votes” were counted, Trump will turn out as the real victor. 

On Wednesday morning, during an interview with the panel on Fox & Friends, McEnany stated, “Look, this president has always said he will engage in a peaceful transfer of power if the facts bear out that way.”

She asserted that Trump believes, together with all the others, that if every legal vote will be counted, Trump will remain as the President.

She then added, “He’s pursuing litigation. This President always wants what’s in the best interest of our country.”

Trump’s rhetoric that the election was “rigged,” “stolen,” and “fraudulent” had a significant effect on his supporters. A huge number of them even gathered around this jargon, created “Stop the Steal” groups on social media, and protests in relation to this even popped up in different parts of the country.

“President Trump Boards Marine One” (public domain) The White House

Since Joe Biden accumulated enough electoral votes to win the Presidency, Trump started an investigation to back up his speculations about voting fraud. He has also been highlighting to his supporters how he has been a victim of widespread illegal voting due to the claims that there were dead people who still voted in some counties. 

These recent polls also showed that more Americans are suspicious about the 2020 election process than the previous election. It also showed how Republicans are more skeptical about Trump’s loss this year than Democrats were when Hillary Clinton lost in the 2016 election.

USC Dornsife survey also has found that Trump won among white voters, although with a slightly smaller margin than he did in the past election. He again trailed with Black voters to a similar extent as he did four years ago.

Meanwhile, Trump marked an uptick with Latinos in this year’s election and won 33%, compared to 30% when he won against Hillary Clinton. 

USC poll also found the Trump garnered a higher-margin among senior citizens. However, pre-election surveys projected that Biden would perform well with senior citizens. 

Biden instead buoyed a 15 point lead with millennial voters and Generation Z voters.

According to Bob Shrum, a veteran Democratic strategist, “It’s ironic that the oldest president in American history was elected by the youngest segment of the electorate.”

Meanwhile, Trump performed best amongst voters who said their top issues were jobs and the economy, preserving American democracy, and law and order.