These Type of Jobs Are Making a Huge Comeback

The inflation America has been experiencing is the worst in half a century. Joe Biden blames it on the war in Ukraine, of course, even though his big spending and reckless policies were already pumping up inflation far before the conflict.

Nonetheless, there is some good news amongst all the doom and gloom. In particular, a certain category of jobs is experiencing a resurgence.

Specific types of factory jobs are making a comeback and offering decent salaries if you know where to look. Here are the best type of jobs growing right now and what it means for the economy…

Clocking in for Work

In the past half a century, factory jobs have decreased and many jobs have been replaced by automation. From the steel mills to the auto factories, so many have been laid off and replaced by robotic systems.

This is now changing in the past year or so, but not in all manufacturing sectors. It is more about specific sectors that are surging and require more human laborers.

In particular, this is the pharmaceutical industry and production factories, artisanal breweries and entrepreneurial ventures, and ice cream and frozen treat manufacturers.

This unfortunately does not hold true across the country. We have continued to see a steady loss of manufacturing in the Midwest and certain areas including a continuing difficult economic situation in the auto sector and other areas.

Comeback Time

However, there are certain parts of the country where jobs are becoming more plentiful and high-paying in manufacturing.

In particular, areas of the southeast like Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida are growing in jobs, as are areas like Colorado and Nevada.

From 1.3 million jobs cut in the first part of 2020, due to COVID, 1.4 million are now back, which brings us above the levels of factory employment during the pandemic.

COVID really hit supply and logistics lines. It made many manufacturers have to close down, reduce hours, or experience large disruptions. This comeback is good news for the US industry and American workers.

Consumers have started to spend less on luxury optional items like going on vacation and eating out in place of buying actual items, such as couches, vehicles, and furniture. This, in turn, boosted the demand for domestic production as well.

Liberals are taking credit for this by saying Biden’s $2 trillion American Rescue Plan can be thanked for the win. However, it ultimately remains to be seen whether the heavy spending will offset the intense inflation we’re experiencing.

The Bottom Line

Growth in fields like clean energy and semiconductor production is hoped to bring even more factory jobs to America and back from China.

In the meantime, why not ramp up drilling and fracking so we can bring back even more jobs and offset the awful prices at the pumps?

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.