The White House Claims the GOP Started the “Defund the Police” Movement!

"The White House" by Radek Kucharski

When the crime rates in Democrat-run cities started to skyrocket earlier this year, it was evident the left’s “Defund the Police” movement would become a major point of contention in the upcoming midterms.

Violent crime and murder rates have hit record highs in cities that toned down police activity, causing many Democrats to fear the controversial agenda might be the main political issue the party will have to deal with this year.

“Defund the Police” by Taymaz Valley

Libs go full circle and claim Republicans tried to defund the police

Unfortunately for them, it’s exactly what happened in the grand scheme of things.

A massive number of struggling Republican candidates used that statistic to their advantage, throwing shade on the Democrat Party and causing the White House to resort to emergency measures.

However, no one expected Andrew Bates, the White House deputy press secretary, would try to flip the entire story onto the GOP; he claimed the GOP was the one trying to “defund the police” the whole time.

Hilariously enough, this isn’t even the first time they’d tried to spin this narrative in their favor; it’s been less than a year since former press secretary Jen Psaki did the exact same thing, with her claims being debunked in a matter of hours.

The embarrassing take was so bad that even CNN couldn’t pretend the story was true; although they didn’t do much to do proper coverage of the story either.

Biden Tries to Pin “Defunding the Police” on Trump

Despite all of this, it’s still practically impossible to make these claims. Dozens of Democrats are on record and saying they support the “Defund the Police” movement, with AOC likely being the main culprit.

Even Joe Biden himself was on board with the idea, fully embracing it up until it became clear it won’t hold up in the long run; after this, he made false allegations that it was actually former President Donald Trump who wanted to defund the police.

Much like all of his other attempts at covering up his horrible takes, this one failed miserably, causing his approval rating to tank even further; it’s been on a downward spiral since.

None of the Democrats’ attempts to link the GOP or Trump to the “Defund the Police” movement have worked precisely because they owned it for far too long.

These latest efforts to spin the story are a clear indicator the Republican narrative of the libs being too soft on criminals is working; there’s not much they can do about it this late into the game.

The midterms are only a month away though; so there’s no telling what wild stories the Dems will come up with in order to stay in the race. Although it’s blatantly obvious that none of it will work.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.