The Wave of Top Exits from Kamala Harris’ Office Continues

An internal staff memo of Kamala Harris’ office revealed her top official is ready to part ways with her.

This marks the latest exit from the Harris administration, which found it hard to keep itself organized and intact.

Kamala Harris’ Top Official Exits in a Latest Blow

The deputy chief of staff of Kamala Harris, Michael Fuchs, has decided to leave the administration. Fuchs is a veteran Democrat who served as a foreign policy adviser to President Clinton.

Likewise, he also served the Obama-Biden administration in the State Department in various important capacities.

Currently, he is advising the vice president on various national and international issues, managing her staff, and accompanying her on foreign trips.

As per the memo, Fuchs will continue serving Harris until early May to ensure a “smooth transition,” after which he will announce his future path.

While the exit seems a consequence of a dysfunctional office, Fuchs noted it is difficult to recall what type of challenges the administration faced after assuming the office because the work done by the government has turned things around.

Fuchs’ departure will increase the tally of high-level exits from Harris’ team. Just last month, the national security adviser of the vice president, Nancy McEldowney, announced leaving the office.

Later on, the White House announced that Philip Gordon, McEldowney’s deputy, would succeed her.

Biden, Harris Facing Dysfunctional Office Crises

The communications team of the vice president is the primary victim of the high-level exits. It is a common perception that the failed messaging campaign of the Harris office led to this crisis during the first 15 months of her rule.

Sabrina Singh, the deputy press secretary of the vice president, left the office for the Defense Department last month.

Before that, the chief spokesperson of Harris, Symone Sanders, left the office late last year, alongside communications director Ashley Etienne.

Jamal Simmons, who succeeded Etienne as the communications director of the vice president, stated Harris is thankful to Michael for his “tireless work.” 

He also noted the office is grateful for the leadership qualities of the departed official, as well as the distance he traveled both domestically and internationally.

“Kamala Harris” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Harris is not alone in facing the departure of top officials. President Biden is also in hot water for not keeping his administration intact just 15 months into his presidency.

Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, is the latest departure from the Biden administration, as she seeks a new role in the media.

Similarly, the White House COVID response coordinator, Jeff Zients, is also ready to leave Biden. The spokesperson of the National Security Council, Emily Home, also left the president on March 25.

An anonymous White House official tried to defend the prevailing dysfunction in both top offices.

According to the unnamed official, the turbulence before the midterm elections provides a high time for officials to leave their jobs.