The Secretive World of the Hells Angels

The Hells Angels, a notorious biker group with its roots in Fontana, California, have amassed a great deal of international fame.

The Elusive Membership of the Hells Angels

You cannot simply ask to join the Hells Angels, which is one of their tenets.

In fact, the club’s website makes it abundantly clear that if you have to ask how to join, you probably lack the intelligence to understand the response. Instead, joining is a drawn-out process that could take several years.

Once you join, you’re in for life. Building a relationship with the remaining charter members takes time. Only the votes of the other members will ascertain your eligibility.

People who want to join a charter begin as “hang arounds,” according to Julian Sher, an investigative journalist who has learned a lot about the Hells Angels. This term describes bikers who are invited to particular Hells Angels events so that both parties can get to know one another better.

A prospect, as they are known, must go through a probationary period during which their name is sewn into their vest before being granted official membership status. They are in charge of running errands and doing menial tasks during this time, which Sher refers to as “gopher work.”

The Hells Angels’ Code of Conduct

The Hells Angels vest, which has the name and logo of the group, is one of the most recognizable parts of the group’s clothes. When a prospect becomes a full member, they are given a vest with this recognizable symbol on it.

Members consider these vests to be sacred and they place great value on them. If a member is arrested, they will hand over their vest to another member so it won’t get ruined in jail.

The same is true if a member suffers an injury that necessitates immediate surgery—they will exert great effort to keep their vest from being cut or torn off.

It comes as no surprise that Hells Angels members are prohibited from working for prisons while associated with the organization, given the group’s complicated history with law enforcement.

A clear conflict of interest prevents those who are currently employed as police officers from joining the Hells Angels.

Members of the Hells Angels are unable to work in law enforcement, due to the rigid discretionary policy. A member would risk expulsion from the organization if they betrayed the faith of their fellow brothers by giving information to law enforcement.

The Hells Angels are adamant about their views on privacy. They value their loyalty to one another above all else, so they are keeping quiet in order to keep everyone safe.