The Safety of Children is Becoming a Very Serious Issue

Many Americans are expressing serious reservations about what their children are being exposed to today.

Parents nationwide have sounded the alarm about critical race theory being introduced in schools, drag queens reading books to children in libraries, and much more.

Ultimately, the future of children is the future of the United States. Today’s young people will be tomorrow’s leaders, politicians, officials, and other important pillars of the community.

This is why so many Americans are very serious about what children are exposed to and the level of safety they can count on. According to The Hill, there are profound rising concerns about how safe children really are in schools.

A Nationwide Problem

According to Gallup, 44% of parents are very much worried about how safe their children actually are in schools. This rate is the highest documented since March 2001 when 45% of the country’s parents worried about their kids’ safety levels in schools.

However, this survey goes on to reveal that 20% of parents claim their kids don’t feel safe when they go to school each day. At least some of this remains linked to the Uvalde school shooting that happened earlier this year.

As children (and their parents sending them to school) feel less secure, reports of children falling behind in school continue to mount. Many children just aren’t where they need to be when it comes to math, writing, and other critical essentials.

Another Serious Issue

Tied in with the issue of kids feeling less safe are the ongoing teacher shortages being documented across the country. This is deeply problematic, especially for special needs children who rely on teachers with certain skill sets.

Reports indicate that amid COVID, many teachers decided it was time to leave the profession. Even some of the teachers who remain to this day are still overwhelmed and getting burned out.

With fewer teachers on the beat, it means those who remained have much more on their plates. Some folks have suggested the teacher shortage is ultimately about these professionals not making enough money or not being fairly treated while on the job.

Meanwhile, amid various mass shootings happening in schools, nationwide debates are breaking out about whether it’s appropriate for teachers to be armed or not.

Ultimately, parents want to know that when their kids are in schools, they’re going to be taught appropriate lessons without fear of being gunned down. Time is ultimately going to tell if the concerns about kids’ safety in schools grow or decrease.

Do you believe schools are becoming safer or more dangerous places for kids to spend their time? What do you think about the concerns parents have in 2022? Let us know your thoughts about these issues in the comments area.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.