The Press Fumbles in Tackling Biden’s Age

Earlier this month, Joe Biden turned 80. As it stands today, Biden is the oldest president in our nation’s history. This is impossible for Americans to forget, due to the various behaviors of Biden that very much show his age.

The president has stumbled through speeches and forgotten important details, such as locations, names of officials, etc. He’s wandered off on camera and otherwise given Americans pause about his health and fitness.

Meanwhile, the media seems to be collectively struggling over how to talk about Biden’s age and its implications on the presidency, as reported by Hot Air.

The Elephant in the Room

Reuters is one of several mainstream media outlets that appears to be cautiously approaching the subject of the current president’s age.

In a recent report, the paper noted that most Americans have reservations about a president being this old, especially with the approach of the 2024 election.

Then, the Washington Post noted that Biden’s age is a reminder of more older people existing today than in previous times. The Post would then go on to compare Biden’s age with the general age of the United States as a whole.

Before these reports, the New York Times caught heat for putting out a piece that suggested Biden’s age was no big deal, with nothing to worry about. The Times’ report was ripped as biased and openly in favor of the president, despite legitimate concerns raised about his age.

Little to Look Forward To?

If Biden were to complete a second term in the White House, he would be starting it at 82 and ending it at 86. To many Americans, this is concerning, especially for those who want to see the next generation take over political leadership.

Americans are also raising questions about what Biden’s health could look like as he gets further into his 80s. Already, there are issues with the president’s speech and behavioral habits.

A real likelihood of this deteriorating even further with age exists. Most in the mainstream media may put out different viewpoints; however, this is not going to change the minds of many Americans who view this as an issue.

Some folks have even started saying there needs to be an age limit on who can serve as president. After all, anyone who wants to run for president has to reach the minimum age of 35.

Talk about putting in place age caps as well has significantly increased with Biden in the White House.

What do you think about how the mainstream media is approaching reports about the president’s age? Do you believe there should be an age cap on who can serve as president? Feel free to sound off with your feedback and thoughts about this issue below.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.