The Democrats Are Holding the Infrastructure Bill “Hostage”

The Democrats are holding the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill hostage. This happens as they insist on passing it together with their proposed $1 trillion reconciliation bill.

As a result, two major agendas of the Biden administration are hanging in limbo. As Congress try to pass the massive infrastructure spending fund, the Democrat Party is going through an intense discussion.

They ultimately are trying to push for yet another left-leaning agenda, the $1 million reconciliation fund. Meanwhile, Republicans are giving notice to the left.

This notice warned that the GOP’s present backing for the infrastructure bill could vanish if the Democrats will insist on “linking” it with the other bill. 

The discussions about the infrastructure budget are fully “off the rails”

Republican Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland, the leader of the moderate organization “No Labels,” united with both parties in drafting the bill. Hogan noted that the intense discussion about the spending bill is going completely off the rails. 

Hogan added that he worked for a while on the bill. He emphasized the infrastructure plan does not include any added expenditures that the Democrats are attempting to include.

However, Biden already committed to passing both bills, so now, they have to push it to the Senate. Still, Hogan claimed right now, the Senate is stating if they cannot link the infrastructure bill with the $1 million reconciliation plan, they will not pass it. 

To add more, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, together with other Democrats, is echoing the same sentiments. They announced for weeks they will not give support to the massive legislation if Congress will not give assurance to likewise pass the other bills.

Lawmakers are accusing Pelosi of holding the infrastructure bill “hostage”

After the apparent clash between the two parties, Pelosi set a tentative date, September 27, to vote for the infrastructure bill. Meanwhile, other lawmakers are accusing the House Speaker of holding the infrastructure bill “hostage”.

Representative Dusty Johnson noted that it is surprising how there are only very few Democrats taken aback. Johnson thinks they should be taken aback by how massive the trillion-dollar bills are, combined with the reconciliation package they are insisting on. 

Johnson, who is a current member of the Caucus of Problem Solvers, noted that Pelosi did the whole process a great “disservice.” Also, this problem only occurred because Democrats keep insisting on linking the reconciliation bill with the $3.5 trillion infrastructure package.

This made it very difficult to gather support from Republicans. Governor Hogan also made the same views, noting the political strain currently dividing the House could possibly end up losing the infrastructure package which the nation needs.

However, it looks as if Pelosi and Biden are trying to find ways to force victory with their way or no way at all.