The Democrat Party is Collapsing in Real-Time

With the midterms coming up very rapidly, it’s looking worse and worse for the Democrat Party.

Even safe seats are starting to look in jeopardy, and many races which they usually get away with floating on are having to be pumped full of cash. Take the case of New York Democrat Patrick Maloney…

Malarkey for Maloney

When Joe Biden ran for president, he promised no more malarkey, but his administration has been the definition of malarkey and overspending nonsense.

Now, the midterms are also full of malarkey, such as in the case of Democratic Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney of New York.

As an incumbent from New York, Maloney should be a shoo-in, but instead, his party is funding over $600,000 to keep his campaign afloat.

The reason? They want to make sure to keep his Republican opponent Michael Lawler out of office and away from taking over the 17th District.

As a popular state legislator in New York, Lawler has some serious support and funding; the race is very fierce, partly due to the extensive corruption and controversies plaguing Maloney.

Launching PACs

A last-minute strategy, a super PAC was also launched to help another Democrat defend the throne. In this case, it’s a candidate by the name of Joe Morelle.

Joe Morelle is another congressman on which Democrats are betting high. It seems this race is not just about seats in the House, but about the stability and rating of the Biden-Harris regime as a whole.

The Democrats know even solid candidates are going to suffer due to who’s currently occupying the White House. What that means is they need more money to get the same result.

The Democratic committee will invest more than $275,000 in Morelle’s campaign. Morelle entered his position in 2018 by taking over the seat that belonged to Loise Slaughter, who died that year.

The District of Rochester may be key in showing just how much things have changed. In 2020, at Slaughter’s time, Biden had 20-point support from across the district, but things are much different now.

Morelle’s main opponent is the newly Republican La’Ron Singletary. Singletary, who was once head of the Rochester County Police Department, prioritized lowering crime rates in New York.

With investment far less than his opponent, Singletary has continued in the race with only $160,000 in his campaign up until now.

The Bottom Line

The numbers make clear the desperation that Democrats are in trying to win over more supporters not only in the state of New York, but also in Oregon.

These two states have shown themselves to be highly possible to turn over many seats to Republicans and even possibly the Oregon governorship.

In California, Democrat Julia Brownley has been begging for more help from her party to further endorse her campaign.

Millions and millions of dollars are spent by the Democrat Party in an attempt to save its members. Is it going to be enough?

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.