The Blue State on the Verge of Severe Gang Violence

The Mexican city of Tijuana, located at the border of the United States, is facing a dangerous wave of violent crimes. This urged the Mexican government to push hundreds of troops into the city.

This also raised fears of violent gangs entering the United States through a highly porous border, which is home to illegal immigration under the flawed border policies of the Biden administration.

US Bordering Cities of Mexico in Crisis

According to the Mexican federal government, drug cartels are responsible for the ongoing violence, which killed at least 11 people and burned tens of vehicles in the US-bordering city of Tijuana.

Furthermore, gangs are also threatening civilians, closing down markets, and smashing cars, claiming the violence will not be stopped until the government releases their arrested associates.

Seeing this violence, the US consulate in Tijuana already warned Americans residing in the city not to leave their places, as gangs are even shooting bystanders on the roads.

Now, at least 350 additional troops are being deployed in the vulnerable city at a time when more than 3,000 soldiers and 2,000 police officers were already present in the state of Baja California, where Tijuana is located.

Local media outlets reported different gangs are involved in a power struggle leading to such a dangerous situation. Tijuana’s Mayor Montserrat Caballero asked the gangs to spare civilian families while settling their criminal matters with other gangs.

Likewise, state Governor Marina Del Pilar pledged to bring the rioters to justice using the full force of the government.

California Exposed to Dangerous Gangs

The city of Tijuana borders the US state of California and provides a lucrative route for drug trafficking.

Although the Tijuana-California drug trafficking routes are historically controlled by the Arellano Felix cartel, now different gangs have challenged the status quo, which led to the violence.

Jalisco’s New Generation Cartel is emerging as the strongest contender to the Arellano Felix cartel and has asked people to stay in their homes or be ready to be killed.

This violence is erupting at a time when California border crises are already touching unprecedented heights.

In May this year, a highly sophisticated drug tunnel equipped with a railway system and proper ventilation was found from Tijuana to a warehouse in an industrial area of San Diego, California.

Since 2006, American law enforcement agencies have found 15 such tunnels. Reportedly, numerous drug tunnels are still connecting Mexico to the United States, which paves the way for drug cartels to expand their operations in the United States.

Last year, federal statistics suggested that illegal crossings from Mexico to California have reached a 15-year-high under Biden.

In the fiscal year of 2021, border agents encountered nearly 202,000 illegal immigrants, which was doubled compared to 2020, and quadrupled compared to 2017.