The Biden Presidency Already Planning For Nuclear War By Spending Money on This

President Biden cautions of “nuclear Armageddon” as the war between Ukraine and Russia continues. His presidency just undertook a move that has many worried. 

According to The Washington Examiner, HHS spent $290 million on medications to treat radiation sickness. The purchase is not tied to the president’s words or any immediate nuclear threat, according to HHS. 

Possible Health Implications 

An HHS spokesman stated this acquisition is part of long-standing, continuing efforts by the Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response (ASPR) to properly equip the U.S.

This is for the possible health implications of chemical, bio, radioactive, nuclear, pandemic, and emerging infectious illnesses.

The Project BioShield acquisition will be vendor controlled. 

Under Project BioShield contracts, ASPR’s BARDA promotes the development of tests, vaccines, and therapeutics to respond to anticipated health impacts and acquires the items for national preparation. 

Its website indicated acute ionizing radiation could harm the hematological system and cause thrombocytopenia.

Amgen’s Nplate obtained FDA approval for treating thrombocytopenia related to radiation sickness in January 2021. Funding will be utilized to buy more treatment courses and start vendor-managed inventories. 

CNN host Jake Tapper demanded answers about President Joe Biden’s comments about “nuclear Armageddon” last week. 

“Putin is not kidding when he talks of potential deployment of tactical nuclear missiles or chemical or biological weapons,” a Wall Street Journal correspondent stated. 

During Kennedy and the Cuban missile crisis, we haven’t faced Armageddon, he remarked. 

Turn Around

The White House took back the words when Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated Friday they are examining carefully to see if Russia is considering using nuclear weapons. They haven’t done this yet. 

He said careless discourse about nuclear weapons is irresponsible and something we take seriously. Tapper questioned Murphy about his statements and walkback on Sunday. 

The host asked the Senate Foreign Relations Committee senator, “What’s Biden talking about? Is Armageddon possible?”

The senator claimed the president is right to heighten the risk of nuclear war because Vladimir Putin is cornered. The mobilization he’s done has backfired in this conflict. 

He said, “He’s dangerous. The US must be ready if Putin uses a tactical nuclear bomb.” However, he agreed Putin isn’t about to use nuclear weapons. 

He said there’s no hint Putin will do it soon, but it’s vital to indicate the repercussions if he does. He feels Joe Biden is right to warn the country that Russia’s leader is dangerous, the war is going poorly, and you can’t predict what he’ll do next. 

Someone with ties to the Ukrainian administration told the host that Biden’s comments could play into Putin’s hands. 

The senator said Putin could stop the war by withdrawing his soldiers from Ukraine. Putin invaded a neighboring nation. His blood is now and tomorrow. He said the president was right to be honest with Putin about what we’ll do and won’t do.

He doesn’t want us to blame ourselves for escalation. 

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.