Biden Administration Asked Netanyahu “Not To Discuss” Their Disagreement

"Secretary Kerry Meets With Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu" ( United States government work) by U.S. Department of State

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used his last speech to call out the Biden administration’s effort to bring back the nuclear deal with Iran. 

Prime Minister Netanyahu will step down from his decision for a new government led by Naftali Bennett, who won the position after a 60-59 vote. 

However, in his final speech, Netanyahu called out the Biden administration’s effort to bring back the nuclear deal with Iran. He also mentioned his pledge to be back in the office and attack his replacement. 

On the other hand, Biden was quick to send congratulations to the new Prime Minister. This was then responded by Bennett’s office of gratitude and warm wishes, bolstering the long-standing responsibility to Israel’s security.

Netanyahu to Bennett: a “political lightweight.”

Netanyahu threw a shadow towards his successor, saying that he is a “political lightweight” without the necessary talent to manage the position. Netanyahu and Bennett were once allies. 

Netanyahu then continued and discussed the challenges in dealing with the United States. He stated that “the administration” in the White House asked him “not to discuss” their disagreement on Iran in public. 

According to the Jerusalem Post, Netanyahu then stated that he could not do what the White House asked for.

The paper also mentioned that Netanyahu compared U.S.’ attempt to revive the nuclear deal to the decision made by former President Roosevelt not to bomb the train tracks; these are the train tracks that led to the concentration camp when he had the opportunity to do so back in 1944.

“Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister, State of Israel” (CC BY 2.0) by Chatham House

The shift in power

Netanyahu added that Israel’s prime minister should be able to say “no” to U.S. President on issues that threaten their existence. Accordingly, Netanyahu recalled the speech he made in 2015 in front of a joint session in Congress; in this speech, he voiced his dismay over the nuclear deal under the Obama administration.

The speech, which was supposed to take only 15 minutes, continued for half an hour.

Due to this speech, a senior Israeli diplomat claimed that Netanyahu “decided to damage” the relationship of the United States and Israel for his “own personal interests.”

Netanyahu also mentioned that at present, Iran is “celebrating” the end of his administration because they understand that Israel will have a “weak and unstable government.” This means the government will follow the dictates of the international community from this day on.

Netanyahu has been transparent about his concerns in rejoining the U.S. nuclear agreement with Iran.

Last month, after the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, was announced, Netanyahu held a joint press conference with a top diplomat. Netanyahu said he hopes the U.S. will not go back to the nuclear deal because he believes that the deal gives Iran the authority to have nuclear weapons.