Texas Law Enforcement Shows Biden How It’s Done With the Latest Human Trafficking Bust

"Border Patrol, Alpine, Texas" by Frank Heinz

Human smugglers abusing the current situation at the southern border continue to amaze with their disdain for the victims, risking the lives of the immigrants they’re shipping for the sake of lining their pockets.

The Biden administration’s open border policies and lack of action made their job much easier in the past two years. Hundreds of lives have been lost because of it, with dozens more likely yet to be discovered by the Border Patrol agents.

“The Mexican Border” by EdmondMeinfelder

Human trafficking bust in Texas outlines the scale of the growing issue

While it’s certainly true that federal authorities managed to crack down on a human smuggling ring this September, it was only a minor operation in the grand scale of things.

It only raked in slightly over $2 million, which is practically pocket change, compared to what goes on every day.

However, Texas state officials managed to outclass the feds earlier this week, with a bust the Biden administration could only dream of, mainly due to how cleverly illegals were hidden by the smugglers.

According to Fox News, which reported from the scene, the state authorities detained a vehicle trying to cross the border this Monday, only to find out there were over 60 illegal aliens hidden inside the storage area of the dump truck.

The driver was immediately put into custody. The young men were promptly handed over to border officials for processing, a procedure the Biden administration dumbed down to the point where the majority of these immigrants eventually become repeat offenders.

Texas rangers setting an example for Biden

Unfortunately, with the current state the Border Patrol agency is in, they simply don’t have the resources to deal with these smugglers effectively, especially if they keep resorting to these crafty, but dangerous tactics.

If that wasn’t enough, an increase in plane smuggling was also recorded this October, with smugglers opting to land in smaller, private airports where there’s no TSA. It’s practically impossible to do proper surveillance at every airport in the bordering states.

Millions of illegal migrants have been detained by Border Patrol agents this year alone, with analysts suspecting well over 500k managed to slip past our primary line of defense against illegal immigration.

Despite all the pressure that’s been put on them, Texas law enforcement officers set an example for how the detainment of these heinous criminals is properly executed. Biden’s team could certainly pick up a thing or two from them.

Sadly, their focus is usually on pushing woke policies and actually promoting illegal immigration, rather than combating it. AOC, for instance, is welcoming the illegals with open arms, knowing full well they won’t end up in her district anyway.

The lack of devotion to this ever-growing issue is painfully obvious. It’s been spiraling out of control ever since Biden decided to take the reins into his hands, leading this country and its people down disaster lane.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.