Texas K-12 Classroom Teachers Forced to Take LGBTQ+ Course

"WERK for Consent- A Queer and Trans Dance Protest 2798" by Ted Eytan

The political left made polluting our nation’s educational system their top goal in recent times. Now that the trans and gender identity movements are more prominent than ever, they have the much-needed leeway to push these agendas into compulsory education.

This trend is spreading across the US lightning-fast.

It hit Texas’ K-12 classrooms more recently, with teachers in the Austin Independent School District being forced to employ the topic of LGBTQ+ persons in their daily activities, starting with students as young as five.

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Taxpayer dollars going towards LGBTQ+ training for teachers

Hilariously enough, regardless of whether you’re supportive of this nonsense or not, it’s all coming out of your pocket, as the project is funded by taxpayer money.

The course named “Be A Beacon” and the documents detailing its intentions were obtained through a public info request. They were later published by the Washington Free Beacon newsletter late last week on Saturday.

The topics covered in the educational guide surpass something that a five-year-old could easily understand. One could even argue they make some already complicated notions that much more difficult for our nation’s youngest to understand.

Moreover, some of the slides are structured in a way that makes it seem like the trans community is trying to sniff out any potential future members, offering these young kids abstract gender options at the very mention of ambiguity.

Trans community sexualizes minors

It’s important to note that a majority of these kids may still be struggling to know the full differences between males and females. Yet, the course presents the option of one being able to identify as one, the other, both, and even neither!

Additionally, the material includes a detailed guide on how a teacher should interact with a female student who’s confused about their sexuality and gender identity, ignoring the fact that a student’s sexuality shouldn’t even be a teacher’s concern.

The moment we start mentioning sexuality, we’re effectively “sexualizing” these young children. It’s exactly what everyone’s biggest concerns are when it comes to the trans community and their “groomer” vibe.

Unfortunately, the trans community has become so homogenous with the political left that it’s practically impossible to stop the onslaught of their agenda onto our public schools, making this a lost battle from the very start.

It’s sad that we’ve reached a point where teachers are being told to hide a student’s newly-acquired gender identity from their parents, while the local trans community looks to indoctrinate them as early on as possible.

All of this is moving in lockstep with the WHO declaring that gender isn’t limited to male or female. Once this narrative becomes adopted across the nation, there will be no hope left for future generations.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.