Terror Alert: Iranian Military Planned to Assassinate John Bolton

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) unleashed an Iranian plot in which an official of the Iranian military tried to kill former national security adviser John Bolton with the help of his American facilitators.

However, the plan failed, as Iranian armed personnel did not reach a payment agreement with the potential murderers.

Another Terror Plan of Iran Exposed

Shahram Poursafi, a uniformed member of the foreign designated terrorist group, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), tried to engineer the assassination of Bolton.

Now, he is wanted by the FBI for the murder, which was potentially planned after the US airstrikes in Iraq that led to the killing of the IRCG commander, Qasem Soleimani.

The DOJ revealed that Poursafi connected with an American citizen online. Afterward, he asked the American citizen for the photographs of Bolton, claiming he would publish the photographs in his new book.

So, the American resident connected Poursafi to another individual who was willing to take photographs of Bolton for $5,000-$10,000.

Poursafi then contacted another individual, who is referred to as the Confidential Human Source (CHS) in the court documents. He asked him to employ someone to eradicate Bolton for $250,000.

The deal was eventually finalized for $300,000 over an encrypted messaging service.

Deal Ended with a Payment Dispute

Once the deal was done, Poursafi guided the CHS to carry out the all-out operation against the former national security adviser.

During the conversation, Poursafi told CHS that the usage of a small weapon would require the shooter to go near Bolton for murder. 

The IRGC commander asked the CHS to open a cryptocurrency account to facilitate payment after the murder. Poursafi stated he only wanted to pay the CHS after the job, as his “group” will become angry if Bolton is not killed after the payment.

One month later, Poursafi pushed the CHS to accept his offer, but the individual kept on asking for advance payment for the high-profile murder. Poursafi sent $100 to the cryptocurrency account of the CHS to prove payment is possible with the online account.

If convicted, Poursafi is expected to face a jail term of 25 years and a fine of up to $500,000 for the alleged plot.

Matthew G. Olsen, the Assistant Attorney General of the National Security Division, noted the DOJ has the duty to defend the Americans who are prone to attacks from international governments.

According to him, the DOJ will continue its efforts to unleash secret plans that are orchestrated to destroy Americans.

Bolton was the front-line adviser to former President Trump. He led the effort to cancel the Obama-era nuclear deal under which Iran was closing in on making a nuclear weapon.

Even though the inefficiency of the nuclear deal is proven, the Biden administration kept on negotiating with Iran to restore the highly flawed deal.